Stuck on 'Press Any Key to Start'

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No, unless resetting the app retains this setting. No changes made otherwise

Brief description of the issue:
Unable to get past the ‘Press Any Key to Start’ screen. Have tried several troubleshooting tips such as repairing, resetting and using the Xbox app to bypass it to no avail.
I see a grey window flash momentarily twice, before returning to the ‘Press Any Key to Start’ screen.
Looking to refrain from doing a full re-install as it takes too long.

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Just launch the sim

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Flight Simulator Version
GTX 970
Windows version 2004

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Hi, do you have a firewall (software) besides Windows Firewall that is blocking the connection?

Thanks for the reply.

Managed to do some further digging and discovered Xbox services were disabled, which was what was the pop-ups were.

Sim now loads to the update screen and wants to redownload everything (lol).

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Thats not surprising to me lmao… You’re way behind on updates because of that. They got rid of the “Press Any Key to Start” prompt a long time ago, I think. I haven’t seen it in ages.

The “Press any key” does come back if you have no connection. :wink:

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Can you mark your post as “solution” as it may help others as well.

Certainly. Thanks again for your initial help!

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MSFGS 2020 not starting, keep asking to " Press Any Key to start."

this is back, and it’s stuck there. Any answers?

I have also stuck in " Press any Button"

This is often caused by not being logged into Xbox. There may be a hidden Xbox login window behind the sim window. If you minimize it you should be able to see if the Xbox login window is there. If you start the sim in full screen mode you will need to press LALT-Enter to change it to windowed mode so you can minimize it. You can also check the Xbox app itself to see if you are logged in to it. If you are, sometimes logging out and then back in can help.

Just dont search to long for the “any button”, its any button.

On Win10 PC. Had this for a while, tried running FS2020 as admin various hints trips and tricks and just about gave up. ANSWER: open task manager go to the “Users” tab and right click log off any user (that is not you!). This works reliably every time and without a reboot and without any other mucking around.

the question would be: why are other users than you logged in at your machine ? :thinking:

If this would happen on my system, I would be a bit nervous :laughing: