Stuck when I select a livery

Hello there!
I was updating my own liveries, and they were working good early today, but now I was trying to take some thumbnail with the SDK, and I selected a King Air or C208B it stuck or crash.

Might have something to do with the latest MSFS update (forced upon us) that can/will prevent use of addon liveries. Fancy making a patch that causes more significant problems than the update solves :face_with_head_bandage:

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I was working on the update to my liveries and it was working good, but now they don’t

You’ll likely need to clear out your community liveries folder until the livery creators can update them. Some reports indicate having only one livery for any given aircraft installed will still allow you to select that one - this might be a small workaround in the mean time.

I am the creator of this liveries

Roger! I see now - I’ve moved this thread into the SDK discussion so development folks can better assist you. :slight_smile:

Ok that may sound crazy but I don’t know if this makes any logic. In these planes I put the line Aircraft.cfg ATC_ID: " " like this, with a blank space. Days ago I had a problem getting stuck on the blue bar when I modified this line by myself on the plane that was “preloaded” in MSFS, my solution at the time was to copy and paste the aircraft.cfg file from another plane and rename it for the texture in which I got this trouble, but keeping the line atc_id: “” as it was in the aircraft.cfg file of the original plane and well, it worked for me. Right now I remembered this and decided then to copy the ATC_id line: " " and paste in the planes that got this new trouble (curiously the ones that I put that " " on my own), so I tried copying and pasting the line ATC_ID: " " of the plane that I solved this the previous time and now they magically work

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Hello friend, I have had the same problem with the liveries that I myself made from my country and at this moment the system makes them visible, but when I select them in the simulator, the load is 320 by default or the airline does not change, I could apply some modification in the

Aircraft.cfg. Thanks

Try this that I said in the post, if you still having troubles contact me by inbox to check what could happen

Ok for no changes when you select your own made livery, you need to do a new folder structure, check this, it will help you

Thanks friend it is a prompt solution, with synchronizing again each texture of the already loaded appears, hopefully Asobo can solve the situation


But I made this new folder structure and no need to resync every time when I select a airplane