Stutter and rdr thread issues since 3080ti please help

The 27 has gone now so cant try it but pretty sure it was better.

The rdr thread and main thread seem to be the issue

I have messed around with all the nvidia settings, updated bios.

The not much more.powerful cpu wis other than a ryzen 9 5900x. But its getting ridiculous now

Long shot attempt to help you from a non IT expert. I also recently had a severe stuttering issue. Any chance you have malwarebytes running in the background? If so, turning it off for me immediately solved the stuttering. Maybe other security softwares have similar effects on msfs but some Im trying now have worked much better with the simulator. Best of luck solving this.

A couple screenshots of fps with and without malwarebytes:

Main and RDR thread usage indicates IO and CPU bottlenecks. Turn off Online Functionality, test again. Turn off ALL AI activity in Traffic. Test again. Also, if you are using a third party performance monitor the sim has to pass the frame to the 3rd party application before it gets to the screen. Turn off 3rd party system monitors.

Have you tried a clean install of the video drivers after running DDU. Not sure how much it would help if your thread locked on the CPU but it can’t hurt to try.

Does sound like your CPU bottlenecked so not sure any setting change is going to make a difference.
Only thing that will fix it is a CPU upgrade.

Though I will say does seem to be an issue with performance when editing in the sdk where performance degrades over time seen it drop to 10 fps few times, I don’t have the issue when running sim in normal flight.
Just to check are you running it on dx11 or dx12?
similar to what was said above just make sure there are no unnecessary programs running at the same time that are using up CPU resources.

I recently upgraded to 3080ti + 1000w PSU but its paired with an i9-9900k which is 8 core seems like a good combo in games tried it on so far.

Your new GPU isn’t loaded enough.

Also, traffic under SU9 has a much larger CPU impact than earlier versions. Start by reducing traffic sliders to 5, then read this thread:

Stutters on final, lower end systems - #3 by Grabber523

Using live traffic also helps a lot (or at least it works for me), not sure if that is due to offloading some CPU cycles on Asobo’s hardware or due to it’s sparseness.

thanks for your advice. i have tried everything. still getting the stutter.
i just dont understand how changing to a better GPU and a bigger monitor can cause this.

are you playing in 4k?

Try setting vertical sync on adaptive in Nvidia and limit max frame rate to 35 in Nvidia settings

I rarely if ever see any of my CPU cores at 100% on my ryzen. One core gets steady higher usage, but never really gets pegged at 100%

I think I have solved some Rdr Thread issues in the past by deleting the rolling cache.

If you continue to have this problem then enable developer mode and the FPS graphs to show us a screenshot.

Then you probably need to read that thread again.

Ryzen 5 5600X and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti | Microsoft Flight Simulator Bottleneck Calculation | PC Builds (

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This is really interesting! I did my own legwork to select parts for my Flight Sim build based solely on hardware reviews and speculation prior to the game’s release, but it turns out, according to this calculator, that I nailed it:

Now, I still had a lot of trial-and-error science to do when it came to optimizing settings and figuring out which sliders do what (see the link to the thread I posted just above), but I feel like my experience has been better than most.

I used PC builds for my set up. I7 12700 ,32 gigs ram rtx3060ti runs sim great

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People sleep on the 3060ti. It punches way above it’s weight, and really is the perfect card for 4k in this sim.

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Right folks, i changed to a ryzen 9 5900x
Increased the resolution sliders to 200 and and it runs much better.

Still a slight stutter on flight sim. And other games for that matter.

But its much better

Wait it remains useful even at 4K? At Ultra settings? My 3070 Ti is plainly overpowered for 1440p and I figured 3060 Ti would have been sufficient and is probably the sweet spot GPU for this at lesser resolutions at the moment (though I didn’t pick the 3070 Ti for FS specifically).

How many FPS are you getting at 4K?

(Incidentally, I don’t get stuttering even when I’m running this CPU limited, I wonder if there’s some kind of specific range to it where you can be CPU limited but can’t be too CPU limited when compared to the GPU)

I also have a 3080 Ti (with Ryzen 5 3600x) and had bad stuttering especially near the ground on airports.

Developer Mode FPS Tool showed RDR Thread. I’ve tried every fix I’ve found on these forums.

In the end what really helped to solve the RDR issue was disabling FXAA in the Nvidia Control. From this point on, I can now trial & error with CPU and GPU sweetspots and mainly have 25+ FPS on all airports with Multiplayer on and 4k Ultra Settings.

…with LOD sliders decreased to 90 (terrain) and 50 (objects) - for smooth experience with this CPU, at least until DX12.