Stutter and rdr thread issues since 3080ti please help

Right folks, i changed to a ryzen 9 5900x
Increased the resolution sliders to 200 and and it runs much better.

Still a slight stutter on flight sim. And other games for that matter.

But its much better

Wait it remains useful even at 4K? At Ultra settings? My 3070 Ti is plainly overpowered for 1440p and I figured 3060 Ti would have been sufficient and is probably the sweet spot GPU for this at lesser resolutions at the moment (though I didn’t pick the 3070 Ti for FS specifically).

How many FPS are you getting at 4K?

(Incidentally, I don’t get stuttering even when I’m running this CPU limited, I wonder if there’s some kind of specific range to it where you can be CPU limited but can’t be too CPU limited when compared to the GPU)

I also have a 3080 Ti (with Ryzen 5 3600x) and had bad stuttering especially near the ground on airports.

Developer Mode FPS Tool showed RDR Thread. I’ve tried every fix I’ve found on these forums.

In the end what really helped to solve the RDR issue was disabling FXAA in the Nvidia Control. From this point on, I can now trial & error with CPU and GPU sweetspots and mainly have 25+ FPS on all airports with Multiplayer on and 4k Ultra Settings.

…with LOD sliders decreased to 90 (terrain) and 50 (objects) - for smooth experience with this CPU, at least until DX12.

Disabling FXAA in the NCP does nothing. It’s disabled by default anyway. If you want FXAA to work you have to select it in the Game Settings and enable it in the NCP. Having your LOD’s set to 90 and 50 takes the load off your system.

Interesting site. I check my i7-11700k/3080Ti setup, and it said at 1080p I was 48% cpu bottlenecked, but at 4k I was only 3% cpu bottlenecked. I’m not sold on those calculations.

Disabling FXAA in the Nvidia Control Panel completely changed my performance to the positive.

Before I was RDR Thread limited the entire time with terrible performance regardless of the ingame graphic settings. Therefore definitely worth to check.

FXAA is a post processing AA, meaning that AFTER the sim finishes making a frame, the GPU will make a single pass of fast approximate AA. The default is OFF.

If you set it to ON in the NCP, then even if you select TAA in the Game Settings, the GPU will perform FXAA on the completed frame. This is useful if you are running a low resolution (below 1080p). If you had it ON in the NCP with TAA enabled in Game Settings and disabled it, then you would have noticed an improvement.

If you set it to OFF in the NCP, then even if you set it to ON in the game settings the GPU will not perform FXAA. This is because there is no “Application Controlled” option for FXAA in the NCP.

FXAA is useful if you can’t run the full native resolution of your monitor. For example, if you run FXAA with 1080p you may still see some jaggies. However, if you turn your resolution up to 4k with FXAA, the jaggies are much less noticeable.

This was the case here and the way out of RDR Thread limitation for my system, no placebo.

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You right, I contradicted myself.

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30 on the ground, and up to 40 in the air, depending on how dense the scenery is.

All GPU-bound, all the time.

I tune on the ground at JFK. And although my Samsung G9 isn’t technically 4K monitor, it’s still 7.4 million pixels. All graphics settings are maxed out, except volumetric clouds, which are “High”. TLOD 150, traffic sliders reduced to 5 since SU9.

FPS is limited by CPU in MSFS, there is no way around that, so loading the GPU to prevent being mainthread limited is key to smoothness.

False. FXAA and MFAA absolutely nerf the rdr thread. They should always be disabled.

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Interesting. It doesn’t tank even with rain effects? I find that’s the moment when the game becomes, well, at least not that CPU bound anymore.

When it comes to weather, the GPU is hit hardest by fog. Not solid clouds, not rain, not snow, but rather when you just start entering clouds and can still kinda see through them. IDK why that particular scene is so heavy, but I have been testing things like this since the sim’s release, and the fog effect is a GPU hog. I have to dial volumetric clouds down a notch to stay above 30 fps. If I leave volumetric clouds on Ultra, it will increase GPU render latency into the 40s pulling my frames down to the mid 20s. Some folks are fine with that. I used to be, but with the super-massive-ultra-wide monitor, I wanted to make sure I stayed out of the 20s for FPS. Just a matter of personal preference. It’s still very smooth (frame pacing) with a GPU-bound 26 fps on my rig.

I don’t have a 3080, but do I read from this that using less than TAA but using some form of NVCP AA on top would improve MAIN THREAD performance? Or is this only related to issues with RDR thread problems?