Stutter before touchdown.. anywhere from 300ft to the moment of touchdown

idk why are you even here, state you do not have this problem and go away, do not need your useless comments, obviously many people have this issue so it is not made up !

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I totally agree with you there is something going on**, like you stated you do a go around same airport same flightsim session and you have smooth landing 0 stutter NOTHING ZIP NADA** !!!
It is hard to pin point if it is scenery related or airplane related or what. Somehow we would need to know what exactly is happening at this point, someone mentioned “taxiway signs” loading… yeah maybe… who knows.
I have best system money can possibly buy 4090/13900KS SSD’s all the way and I still do get this sometimes, it is not as bad as it used to be but it’s there.
SO that means my new setup can deal with it better then the old PC could.

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To provide information, as in -
“there are 500GB SSDs available for less than $20”

If someone can afford $60 to upgrade from xp11 to xp12 then surely they can afford $20 for an SSD without moaning too much about it.

No matter if it is hdd or ssd. it is simple a bug.

I was not suggesting that anybody spends even more money than we already do on this sim :sweat_smile:, I was just relating my experience.

I think that was valuable because I believe it shows that these stutters are probably linked to some scenery/traffic loading in the background as many already suspect.

Which is also consistent with the fact that you don’t see stutters if your preload the scenery, and I also didn’t have stutters in remote airfields with no ground scenery/traffic.

That said, using an SDD for MSFS is a game changer. Mind you, I’ve happily simmed on my 2TB HDD for two years because when I built my rig those SDD’s were too expensive. Now I needed some more storage anyway, so I repurposed my old HDD and got a new Crucial P3 2TB PCle SDD for 120€, and boy does it feel different.

The sim loading times have been reduced by a factor of 3-4 (I used to be able to run through all my Candy Crush lives while waiting for it to load :rofl:, now I manage 1-2 at maximum), and also flight loading times are now much shortened.

Of course, YMMV.

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Microsoft’s published ideal specs only include HDD for low end 1080p systems. Feasibly they could say they’re not even testing this for bigger rigs.

Try this Freeze/Lags while touchdown - but fps around 50 while approaching - #31 by eduio13

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I’ve just tried it, THANKSSSS it works

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Anyone found a solution yet?

nope, still around lately I was having them at 2000-3000 ft so more manageable, there are airports I do not have it at all, but last flight I had it at the very moment of touch down like as the wheels touched the ground… so yeah despite some numb nuts posting bs here and saying it does not exist it very much does exist indeed

I also don’t have this at all airports. I must say that I use a recording program to record every landing. When I don’t use it I have mostly no landing stutters. My system is 7800x3d with 4070ti.

interesting… so do I , could replay recorder cause this… hmm… will have to try without it , but then what about watching a replay of my landing :sob: :sob: :sob: LOL

Yes the replay program causes the stutters. I’m experimenting with sky dolly and this seems to cause less stutters.

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So, to anyone following this topic I did few flights where before i always had a little hiccup before touch down, be it at 1500-3000 ft and sometimes 0-50 ft AGL since I stopped using SkyDolly to record my landing I have not experienced any stutters.

Now I would be cautious to mark this as a solution I will fly more flights to airports where I have experienced these stutters but so far I have been able to try 3 airports multiple times and they were perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME !

That is an important finding but I will give it few more times. I am very surprised that this recording software would/could cause stutters, However my initial finding seem to point to flight recorder as a culprit.

I use other software to determine my landing rates, distance quality of landing etc… one would think they access the same information yet with all these other programs running with the exception of SkyDolly recording program stutter have stopped… go figure

Will update in some time if this has in fact cause the stutters to stop as I make more flight.

Jep indeed. Flight control replay gives me more stutters on landing then sky dolly. It also depends on wich airport. Fact is that without any recording software I have no stutters upon landing.
The person who creates the first decent recording software that causes no stutters at all, especially during landing, can take my money!

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Only way i could get rid of the stutters on final problem was to Turn Off scenery cache.haven’t had them since not once anywhere.i realise that my scenery will not update the photogrammetry ,it’s a small price to pay for not slamming into the runways while using A pilots life.