Stutter ISSUE

Greetings For a long time now, almost a month, I have been dealing with Microsoft’s support about a malfunction I experienced in the simulator. While flying, mainly during landing at a height between 500 and 200 feet and during landing touching the runway, I get a stuck screen. I worked according to the instructions of the support, I upgraded the internal memory to 32 gigabytes, I removed all the plugins and changes on default planes. Nothing helps. My experience running the simulator tends towards frustration and despair. What I didn’t do was I reinstalled the software, before I brought the software to ‘vanilla’ mode and nothing helped, even with Microsoft support I didn’t get clear answers. Maybe you can help me, I’ve given up. Thanks Dylan


List all your hardware in detail, please.
Also attach a diagnostic report (dxdiag.txt file)

Thanks for reply, I did it and send it to expert MSFS team but thay do nothing about it.
To produce the DXdialog I need to run the sim for this check.
Sorry for the delay

Hi here is My dxDiag
DxDiag.txt (89.4 KB)

Try testing using a single audio device for all sound and sound capture and see if it still freezes.

Thanks for your support, I wiil try.

intel i7
GF 1070
Dell 32"

Hi I try and it ddn’t help.

try one thing - disable online traffic and or traffic at the airport and give it a try !

Ok I will try, Thanks

Hi my AI was already OFF.

Update Windows10 to the latest version!
Your operating system (windows) is outdated!!!

For testing purpose disable Nvidia HD Audio via device manager.

Launch msfs → turn off multiplayer - apply and save.
Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select sign out.

Sign in and fly.

well, it’s like this, I actually have a high end system (Core i9 10920X, 3090RTX, 64GB RAM, SSd´s), and with me it also happens sporadically (depends on the airport) - LOD and traffic reduction has made it better with me but it’s still not completely gone - with me the pauses are not so long but sporadic stutters shortly before touchdown (especially unpleasant with strong sidewinds) - I haven’t tried around much now, as I said - the pauses are not so long for me - but it only occurs since the last updates (rolling cache off) !

Thanks TenPatrol and arniex78 for your support :slight_smile: