Stutter, Posterize, and Freeze after Update

After the new update, the game stutters, posterizes, and freezes within minutes of launching a flight. Did not have this problem before.

Cleared out community folder (what a pain, now I have to reload world updates, purchased stuff, etc). Reset rolling cache. Updated video drivers.

Dell Inspiron, Intel Cor i7 9700 8 cores, 64 GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce 1650 Super

Yeah, have same problem, with posterizes and freezes, than game end without error message…
RTX 3080, i710700K, 32GB RAM.

Same here.

Me too. Everything rock stable bevore SU5.

Me too. Before SU5 I never had stutters.

System now crashing after out completely after a few minutes flying. Was only prone to occasional stuttering prior to latest updates. Need a roll back option.

+1 on the freezing. Unable to recover the flight and usually have to go into task manager to exit.

Same issue. Happens to me especially when I pan around.

i7 10700KF 32GB RTX 2060super and the sim is not using half of my vram and ram.