Stutter When Turning or Looking Sideways

Has anyone experienced micro stutters when turning during taxi or when looking sideways when flying? My frames are a steady 30-33FPS but still get these constant micro stutters. Looking straight ahead seems to be fine.

Running I7-8700K and FTX3090 at 4K mostly in 32NX.

Was wondering is there something in Nvidia settings I am missing?

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same issue on a 5800x and 3080. FPS 35/45 high settings @ 4k

I have found that if I turn off Photome* scenery and leave bing map data turned on it goes away. Also the LOD peaks everywhere disappeared as well here. 1080TI i7/7 16g ram. everything turned to Ultra

Same, 30ish FPS when taxiing in a dense suburb but looking sideways/turning laterally gives me barely noticeable but still annoying microstutters when using headtracking. Goes away with higher FPS but my rig can’t go above 25-30 in dense suburbs.

Have you got a high number of ground aircraft?

Take a lot of framerate drawing them.

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Not really only vatsim aircraft.

Tried the turning photogrammetry off, didn’t make a perceivable difference particularly at Heathrow.

Thinking this could be a limitation of the gpu driver or sim optimisation if others are seeing similar.

Will keep an eye on it as updates and new drivers come out.

I think it starts when your fsp goes below your monitors refresh rate
I’ve turned on vsync it’s when I’m at 60 fps it’s smooth as silk but as soon as I fall below that then i see small stutters when turning my head

As soon as i bought and started using my 1440p freesync monitor, this issue stopped.

Havnt had a microstutter since.

Which confirms it’s a refresh rate sync problem

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I think it’s not a refresh rate sync problem because (in my case) I don’t have stutters in external view but only in cockpit view during taxi on airport and with a glass cockpit airplane (A320 neo).

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same issue on an rtx 3070 and 9700k

Last night I flew the 152 around and was getting an fps of 60+ in Africa and when I moved my head around with trackIR it was smooth as silk

I notice little stutters as soon as I get below 50fps getting worse the lower the fps
I haven’t tried the externa view so I’ll give that a go next time I’m playing!

When stutters happen, I assure you that they happen in both cockpit and external view…

I think there is several origines for stutters depending of the hardware and the software. So it is very difficult to analyze.

yep every single time

G-Sync or Free-Sync 2 is the cure for that problem.

About stutters on airport when turning I notice that stutters disappear when it’s raining. So in the picture below you can see that one core of my processor has to much load, but at the beginning of the graph,with rain, there is no saturation. It is the same in external view, no saturation. For me stutters on airport are generated because one core of the CPU works too much and the others no.

Completely disagree. Nothing to do with refresh rate.

Same for me with same set up

Hi folks,

I think it is a software/ gpu driver problem. Me and a friend of mine figured out, that you will get the smoothest performance without stutters and mostly 60 fps with an “old” 1080!!! We also have a 2080s and me a 3090. The frames of the 3090 are the worst of this three cards!!! IT The 3090 is the newest and most expensive card and has the poorest perfomance… Wow … This is rediculous !!! The 3090 has round about 10 frames less !!! Wow!!!

As well the 1080 and the 2080s have the same framerate! Wow. The system are 100 % identical. Only the Video cards are different. It looks like, that Asobo programmed this simulator on an old 1080. The newest cards are not able to handle this software beter the software is not able to handle the power of a 3080 or 3090. I hope they will fix it. Our tests were done with a resolution 0f 1980 *1020…

Ok, I know, that a 3090 will show his real power in 4K resolution. But sorry, such a power machine should be better as a 1080 also in 1980 * 1020 …

Greets Cpt Bayer