Stuttering and low GPU using

since the last update i have stuttered and fps drops at airports after landing. I also noticed that the GPU is running at max 10% using, does anyone have the same problem? I haven’t changed anything in my settings. Before the update, I had a great performance at the airports I bought compared to the standard airports. That annoys me slowly, every update brings what feels like deterioration. Maybe someone has tips or the same mistake

Thank you and happy landings

I9 9900K
4K high details

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How’s your hard drive? Did the update write to your system drive by mistake?

I am experiencing a similar situation.

i9 9900
Rtx 3090

Stuttering much more intense here after last simupdate.

10900k, 32gb RTX 3090 NVME 2TB
New PC, windows 10, very few software, windows vanilla antivirus.
Standard nvidia panel options, except for paower profile (set to prefer power)
Ultra+high options, low refresh for panel, 100% rendering scale, 0 airport object and 15% cars, boats etc

Same here. Last patch was a performance hit for me. Running at average 20 fps. Before the patch, I was running at around 30 fps. I notice low framerates even when GPU//CPU still has headroom and not 100% utilized.

Try the new as of 12/15 nvidia update .89. Some have reported it works to fix some issues. It is working fine for me, FWIW,
TMB930 around Death/Owens Valleys

64GB Ram
High Settings 4K

Same here:
32 GB Ram
RTX 2080

thank you guys. i have installed the latest nvidia driver. no improvement. i have turned my settings down so i can play. Before the update, I had a smoothly running simulator on high setting, about 34-45 fps in 4K resolution, now it’s only about 27 fps after landing. I hope the next update brings improvement. it’s always very frustrating …

I too am finding that my gpu (3080) is not being fully utilised, usually 50-60% but the fps is between 30 and 50. Its odd how it’s just not using the full gpu power.

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In my case, turning off hyperthreading in the bios, makes my 3090 go to 100% load many times.
I have about 10-15 fps more.

CPU usage, an i9 9900k, goes up quite a bit without hyperthreading.
And most importantly, the micro sttuters have disappeared.
Everything in ultra except:
No bloom
Not HDR.
No Motion Blur.



Yes, as hyperthreading splits up your physical CPUs into logical ones and doubles yours processor threads.

okay, thanks… i will test it… i hope this works…

hey men, youa are my hero !!! this works so great !!! absolutly smooth !!! Thank you so much !!!

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the joy would be short, after the update more stutter, and FPS loss


I also noticed that, I hope next patch will solve it.