Su-57 felon doesn’t have strength to climb to 59000 feet? (Latest update)

Hi @DeimoS987 ,

There is a problem i found in latest update i think.

I set route in main menu with high altitude mode, the default highest altitude is written 59000 feet in main menu for this su-57.

I take off normally, then in certain altitude i use auto pilot + auto throttle to climb following altitude told by ATC. I set speed 350kts for the auto throttle.

But when climb from 44000 to 59000 suddenly the speed drop to 180kts and this make the su-57 doesn’t have strength to climb anymore and the speed keep slowing little by little because the plane keep trying to climb to 59000 but the altitude not increasing because the plane has no strength anymore :joy:

Try it your self.

This is funny fighter jet such as su-57 can’t climb 59000? This is bug or not? If not please explain.

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The max. altitude of any aircraft will depend on weather, weight, windspeed and various other factors. From what I can tell, the stated max alt for the SU-57 is 66000ft. So unless you’ve done accurate flight planning, you may not be able to get to 66000ft.

@XR219 If i’m not using autopilot, i just fly mach 2 in low altitude then rotate 90 degree up climb and easily reach 70000ish feet.

But if fly normally following ATC like airliners, i can’t reach that altitude

I noticed the drop of speed, it’s a problem occurring trying to replicate how the engine thrust change changing the various variable of the flight, trying to make it as real as possible.
Will be fixed and improved as usual (it’s not easy).

When you read 60K max altitude, means … Coffin Corner.
Explain this is not so easy, you should make some research and study that; trying to make it easy … actually you’ll never be able to fly at that altitude, because in a normal flight, you’ll never have the atmospheric condition and aircraft weight to actually fly at that altitude.

Regarding the speed … the 180 are incorrect, and will be changed, but please … note that after 20/25K feels talking about knots is incorrect , it’s better talk referring to Mach number. And also in this case, you’ll never be able to get Mach 2 at see level or at FL 500.

Afther last SU there was a bug in the sim and the plane after FL400 started to increase the speed … i reached Mac 8 and FL2500 … … . so i had to check again all engines’s parameters to make it run as it should.

The real aircraft can’t reach 70000ft. I didn’t ask if you were using autopilot. The weight of the fuel and weather etc will all affect what altitude you can get to in a real aircraft.

@XR219 well never mind, the developer @DeimoS987 already replied above.

@DeimoS987 looking forward to the hotfix / adjustment again.

  1. That developer doesn’t have a particularly good reputation so I wouldn’t expect anything approaching realistic performance or flight model. It’s a bit of an arcade game plane like the Eurofighter I guess.

  2. There are a lot of reports of issues with
    live weather where temperatures are way out of whack above 24,000ft which result in power loss etc above that altitude.

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@DeimoS987 i try this today, now only 7000ft my engine power drop while my throttle still 100% until stall. After that i change from live weather to custom weather (clear sky, etc.) and suddenly my engine power back following my auto throttle.

But i’m not testing it in 44K ft to 59K ft yet.

So i think it’s live weather temperature bug that make engine power sudden drop.

@DeimoS987 update info:

i can reach 59k ft with auto pilot following ATC in overcast weather, but in 59k ft the speed is already limited and the plane is shaky.

the temperature picture:

the overcast altitude:

Thanks so much for your reply!
At the moment the autopilot over mach 1.0 start to perform a small shake, i suggest you to use just the hdg and trim the plane.

Still investigating

Thanks again for your constructive reports

i always use ai auto trim, but yeah the hdg mode can help the plane not to move left / right frequently.

Please do not use the auto trim,
Is very bad…
Just mormal trim

Sorry i will still use auto trim, because i’m too lazy haha.

The ai auto trim is helpful actually for me to be honest. Why very bad hmm

Because it is perfect for low speed, but at mach 1 or more the variable change every seconds and the ai start to make correction following the variations… this produce the shake…

I see, ok then.

But in my screenshot above, at 59k ft… the speed is at low speed not even reach mach 1 right?

wel … 240kt at 59000ft are more or less Mach 1.15
Do Not fly with ias at high altitude. :slight_smile:

IAS is good for low altitude until max 20/25K ft then usually when you reach mac 0.75 you just fly using mach number, and below 10’000 250hts :wink:

ah yes when i switch the speed mode to “speedmach” it’s written as around mach 1.15

but i thought 1 mach = 1000kts air speed hmm.

maybe i don’t have enough knowledge about air speed hmm

Mach is the relation between the speed of the plane and the speed of the sound… the speed of sound is depending by how close are the molecules of the air (see also density altitude) in few words much more the air is rarefate and more slow is the sound… so you need “few knota” to reach it. But the you shoud understand the difference between ias / cas / tas / eas / mach

Fly hight it’s to save fuel (and in msfs is not working) to fly faster you have to check the GS (ground speed) and see, depending on wind and other factor, wich is the best altitude… usually the best altitude to go as fast as possible is arround FL280

Considere also the decreasing the density of the air, also the engine produce les trust…

So at the end, the best altitude to fly the Su-57 is 35/40K ft… know also as cruise altitude

Hope to had make it easy… it is not to explain in few word