SU 7 is a Huge Improvement, but

I am thrilled that I can now run MSFS 2020 without constant freezes and/or crashes. That, in itself, is a great improvement. I’m also very much loving the additional detail to clouds and nighttime flying.

Here’s the “rub,” and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone else talking about it. I DO NOT LIKE the fact that planes can no longer crash! It takes all the fun out of landing. Case in point… I was able to “land” the F-18 at LaGuardia without landing gear … at 250 KTS!! It just slid down the runway until it stopped. Even better, I “crashed” my F-18 into a moutainside outside of San Diego and, with the application of additional power, I was able to become airborne again :sweat_smile: :grin: I also managed to “land” the 787 at Boston Logan and have it climb the side of one of the terminals. That ain’t right, either!

Does anyone know why they chose to remove crashing from the sim? As I said, I’m very happy with the flying experience, but landing seems ridiculously foolproof.

Full assists default to ON for each flight. This means you can not crash… Start your flight, then set them to true-2-life in assistance panel. From there, crash to your hearts content.

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additional clouds detail?

this doesn’t seem like an improvement to me

The new live weather is definitely much more realistic and accurate. It can over do the haze a bit but when it gets it right its so much more realistic. There are still issues with grainy or ‘pixilated’ clouds which I hope can be fixed. Also there’s still that issue that it tends to make clouds that horrible dishwater grey colour. Its like the colour palate for clouds is overly simplistic.

Still, it can look gorgeous. Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

Scenery in general looks much better…if you would just get rid of the unrealistic haze so we could see the scenery.

Maybe for you, but for me once it’s set it stays set.

Reports of both… don’t understand why.

Somebody found the problem, so vote

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