Su10 and Ki aircraft

The AI ​​planes are no longer turning and are now taking the next exit. But the planes brake much, much too early B to taxi speed, after about 100m. Please let it run out much longer, don’t brake down so early. That still needs to be changed. Please!!!

I don’t know what you observed where but there were no known changes in “passive” aircraft behaviour in SU10 beta at least.

It’s also pretty unlikely they touch the current system untill SU12/13 as they intend to work on this this winter ongoing (at least that’s what they announced some time back in one Q&A session)

The behaviour of passive aircraft varies heavily between different airports, try some other, heavy utilized one and you’ll likely see the same behaviour as pre SU10.

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I took a closer look today and you’re right, it’s all kind of like SU9. Ok, let’s hope something happens soon.