Su11 nul vr improvements

Dissapointed to see no improvements with another su, this time we got su10 fix’s again just worded differently wothin the release notes. Shocking !!!


I’m happy if nothing breaks in VR with an update. If you keep your expectations low, it’s harder to be disappointed! :rofl:


I’m getting much better performance in VR now.

I’m overjoyed by the experience of flying these classic planes in VR. Not all the classic planes are supported by I’m just glad about those that are supported. I have nothing but praise for Asobo. And I have faith that they’ll get around to fixes VR issues. We’re a tiny portion of their customer base.

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I’m getting much better performance, I have the global VR setting set to ‘high-end’ good FPS over London with everything live. 12900 + rtx3080ti

What improvement do you want?

I played on 8700k and 1089ti and it was okay, of course you cannot play on ULTRA…
Now I have a 12700k and 3090 and in high settings is as smooth as butter…

Mostly it would be nice to force all models on the store to have the VR Zoom added by default, said that mostly now do.

You cannot get performance out of thin air, this is not call of duty, polygons are dictated by the shape of the mesh, lower your settings.

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Anything additional to the re worded su10 fix’s/improvements would suffice or glass clockpits losing that blurriness that dlss brought in.

The copied patch notes from SU10 are laughable really, good to see that they regard VR as a nuisance more than a feature.
Besides the year old bugs not fixed it still is a very good experience though, they just need to open up and fix the mess they’ve made or once and for all just announce they have no intention of doing so…

DLSS is an upscaling technique. While they claim you can’t detect the difference you certainly can, ,especially in VR where you’re inspecting the images more closely. The fix for blurriness is more powerful hardware. I don’t use dlss and everything is very sharp.

But overall this is such an amazing product. It’s like Hello Games level of support and free content for a game you already paid for. This 40th anniversary could have easily been a paid DLC and I would have bought it. They gave it away for free.

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Before the ■■■■■■ SU10, I was flying comfortably in the PIMAX.
There is no change in the fact that PIMAX users are in a catastrophic situation after SU10.
This is not my video, but the same thing is happening with my SU11 that I put in yesterday.

I did a clean install of SU11 yesterday and eliminated all mods.
nothing has changed.
FPS is the same as before, and I don’t feel the load is as high as before.
But the screen flashes.
The jagged world, even if the PIMAX user changes the resolution to something like Minecraft, it will occur.
I’ve tried steamVR, PIMAXVR, Nvidia driver updates, all to no avail.
It has been left unplayable for 2 months.

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i’ve been playing it almost daily on my pimax 8kx at Normal fov. It’s just the Large setting that has issues which although it must be frustrating for u does not mean it is “unplayable”, it means you can play it at a smaller fov (which is still much bigger than any other hmd).

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The same with me. Normal fov ok, large fov flickering. It is an issue Asobo has to solve.


If we don’t get a proper constructive answer to the long standing VR regressions in the upcoming Q&A, then I’ll be writing to Jorg Neumann personally. I find it inexcusable that they allow new bugs & issues to come into the Sim but then show very little regard towards fixing what they broke.

For sure VR, for the most of us, works very well and it’s a pleasure to have this technology supported after the initial fiasco of no VR support in the very beginning (!). But that shouldn’t mean they continually ignore the issues they create, they shouldn’t be regressing the user experience - period - but the fact is that they have.

I know Q&As are mainly hot air marketing exercises and generally I pay little attention to them, but it’s high time Jorg answered the serious questions and starts to give some indication that these areas will be fixed sooner rather than later and years down the line. Actions speak louder than words, but some words may help alleviate the frustration.

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I’ve found VR performance in SU11 improved, when it works.
Since the update the SIM sometimes freezes when exiting pancake mode, and has to be closed down using alt-cntrl-del before restarting the SIM.
Anyone else have these issues?

I am seeing the opposite. My VR experience with the Aero has improved very much with SU 11. Flying online with VATSIM in the PMDG 737 I now get over 30 FPS. That wasn’t possible before the update.

Additionally I am happy to see that software tips disappear after a couple of seconds in VR. So they did work on VR issues in SU 11.

To be honest, the panel image quality of pimax is not praiseworthy, and the reason why we choose PIMAX is because of its ultra-wide angle. Well, anyway, which model number of GPU are you using?
If pimax can regain the ultra-wide angle stolen by SU10 with the improvement of GPU, I will do what I can.
I do what I can.

nvidia rtx 4090.

Frankly, it’s not wise to use GPU power to overwhelm software that has inherent bugs.

The Pimax users, who are going to be in the minority, will be ignored more and more, so there will be more serious problems next time.

I also buy one of the expensive GPUs, but if it doesn’t cancel the bug, it just hides it, then there will be a problem.
There are concerns about the speed of the aircraft, the characteristics of the model, and the altitude, and moreover, various problems will surely occur in MSFS, so there is a high possibility that problems will leak out even if you overwhelm them with power.
If no action is taken, the only option for ultra-widefield VR will disappear anyway.

I have at least some questions.
Currently, in order to obtain the maximum wide angle with the highest image quality, what kind of FPS is required, is it only 4090, is it possible with the future 4080 and RX7900, and what margin do they have? These are going to be important.
And have we solved the problems DLSS poses to aircraft instrument panels?

I have a very worrying report.
There is information that due to a bug in MSFS since SU10, even 4090 may not be able to provide the original specification of PIMAX.
Even $1600 GPUs aren’t stable.
Forced updates and long-term neglect that ignore beta version bug reports are actually occurring.
Anyone can lose valuable enjoyment in which they invest money and time.

There seems to be a lot of inaccurate information.

The operating conditions of those who claim to be working are vague and ambiguous.

It is said that TAA is the cause, but turning off TAA and disabling all anti-aliasing does not change the situation, so this seems to be incorrect information.
There is no other information that DLSS is fine, and there are several reports that 4090 does not solve the problem.

It’s been a while since the bug occurred. December is fast approaching, and new GPUs are also launching. Maybe only a rare number will be shipped.

Despite reports of this issue in beta testing prior to SU10, the operating company that caused this condition is responsible for providing at least accurate information anyway.

Is it just a PIMAX problem?
If you report it in beta, it will be ignored.
I expect that there will still be many users who are nurturing their own Flight equipment.
So did we.
I made a DIY cockpit for VR in October, but I have never been able to use it.
This is a structure where everyone encounters the same situation.