SU4 vs SU5 Benchmarks

So here they are, this on my machine with my specs with my Reverb G2 with my way of doing things! All Benchmarks as identical as possible.

I’m now off to play properly!


Wow, good to see the numbers!

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I didn’t use CapFrameX as you have (thanks for the charts) but it confirms my rough test. I setup a flight just before the update and noted the fps as being 33-35 with some microstutters. After the update I was getting 40-42 fps with no stutters. I subsequently bumped all my settings up so that my fps is back in the low 30’s and the microstutters didn’t return. So I see this update as a win-win. Plus my CTD’s went away so I’m extremely happy.

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The graphics and gameplay are far lower quality. I would expect more frames.

Having had a couple of evenings to Trial & Error some settings I’ve eventually reverted back to exactly what I had before the Update. I’m just gonna enjoy the (average) 10fps extra and maybe increase some settings as the days/weeks roll by, but I don;t have a lot of room to play with.

Overall, aside the slight performance improvement, this update is a let down in my eyes. I would much rather have lower FPS and the visual quality back from SU4, but it is the way it is so I just hope Asobo get around to dealing with the multitude of issues introduced and soon (!) - in the meantime there’s flying and no benchmarks to be done (until the next nVidia driver update!)

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Nice graph. So what exactly are your specs??

32gb RAM
Aorus Z390 Pro Motherboard
Reverb G2

What are your TA/OXR settings? I have 8700k/3080/G2 and am not getting much better frames than you with 70/100

I use SteamVR as I use overlays so standard is 90 Render Scaling in game and 46% SS in SteamVR. These are the ones I have bumped up this week and there is a nice bit of difference but I immediately lose the bonus fps so have since reverted back for now.

Im new to VR in MSFS. I have MSFS running on a GPU Passthrough virtual machine Windows 10, with an RTX 2080 GPU and 6 cores 12 threads of a Ryzen 9 3900x. I have a WMR Samsung Odessey+ headset. Should I use OpenXR or SteamVR ? If so, what settings are optimal to get the best experience?

I have a 2080S and a Reverb G2, and I had it running pretty well pre-SU5. I have not tried it yet as I have been plagued with CTDs. I am hoping after the hotfix tomorrow I can do some testing. :smiley:

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I did some extensive benching last night and for me performance difference of SU5 vs. SU4 is within margin of error for the same settings (+/- 1FPS in avg/1%/0.2%). Considering the reduced graphics/quality/glitches, SU5 is a downgrade for me.


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Same for me, overall its a big downgrade in visual fidelity

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