SU5 Cockpit Juddering/Ghosting

Hi Guys!

Cockpit Juddering/Ghosting is still a big Problem. Thanks to SU5 fps are higher but how the hell can i get rid of the Cockpit Juddering/Ghosting? It really kills the Immersion.

R5 5600x, 3060ti, 32 gb ram, Quest 2


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I haven’t tried my Quest 2 since the update but my G2 still has cockpit judder if I disable motion reprojection and that’s with a 3090 and 10850k.

When I was using the Quest 2 I always got the best performance at 72 Hz. You could also download the OTT and set 30 Hz mode to smooth out the cockpit.

Oh Yes im already using the OTT. its not getting any better :confused: well maybe a little. Im using 72hz and locked 36 fps. Having Cockpit Judder with a 3090? Okay i am not alone then… Interesting! Youtubers never mention it. They always talk about how “butter smooth” it is.


Yes, I find that weird to be honest, especially when you can see it stuttering in their videos but they say it isn’t doing it in the headset. The only way I get a smooth stutter free cockput in the G2 is to force motion reprojection on, which comes with its own issues, slight warping around the propeller and artifacts if you move your head quickly. It’s infinitely preferable to having cockpit stutter though.

With the Quest 2 I was never able to completely eliminate cockpit stutter. It would go away sometimes flying over fields with not much going on, but as soon as I got to a city or large airport it would always come back.
According to 3Dmark benchmarks my PC is in the top 1 percent so I don;t understand how all these Youtubers say it’s totally smooth. But then they will post an updated driver video where they say the performance is even smoother, which makes no sense as if it was already smooth you wouldn’t even notice!

MSFS is the only game I’ve ever had to worry about performance, everything else runs well enough that it’s not an issue, and consequently you don’t see videos on online about new drivers making Half Life Alyx or Beat Saber even smoother, as they are already fine.

So the whole thing is weird to me.


Yep same for me! I can play Assetto Corsa, DCS, Xplane11, Half Life Alyx and so on but msfs2020 is really tricky!

Hey thanks for your honesty! Just what i thought!

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Very useful Information! Thanks!

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