SU5 = CTD finally fixed for AMD GPU + Reverb G2

I had very little faith that this update would fix the longstanding CTD issue that the AMD 5000 and 6000 series owners have had with Reverb G2. Prior to this update, I have not been able to finish a leg of bush trip without crashing to desktop. I just tested the new SU5 and too my surprise, I finished a 90 minute flight without a CTD. This is the first time in 8 months that I feel like flying again.

I am hoping this is not one of those random times that the sim decided to play nice, but am planning to do a whole bunch of testing with different settings in the next few days.

What’s noticeable is that memory footprint has been halved. It now uses no more than 4GB of RAM and 5GB of VRAM throughout the entire flight. The performance gain is roughly 20%.

With my current setting, I used to get about 50fps in 2D 4K and 33-35fps in G2. After the update, I am getting 63-65fps in 2D and 40-42fps in G2. There’s also 0 stutter.

My config for reference:
10900K @5.1GHz all custom water loop
6800XT @2550Mhz water cooled
64Ghz @3200Mhz 16CL
512GB WD Black NVMe Drive

SIM Settings:
OpenXR Render Scale: 80%
Sim Render Scale: 100%
Graphics settings: High/Ultra
LOD: 150

I am keeping my fingers crossed, but hope the optimization has finally fixed the issue that made this seem unusable.

Please post your experience here.


Consider this issue fixed now. I let the sim run in VR over the 5 hr flight, and tried to crash the sim, switching back and forth in 2D, VR, maxing out settings at 100% GPU, and no CTD finally.

It’s so good to fly without crashing (not pilot induced). Hope everyone is having the same success. My guess is that XBOX running AMD APU along with memory optimization really had a big part in fixing this 8 month-long issue.


Just flew the spitfire over France for half an hour and had no CTDs, except when I attempted to change some graphics settings and things locked up. Fingers crossed. Just about to try another flight.

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I am testing another long flight cross the continent with AP overnight to see if it will crash. So far so good. But, the graphics quality has gone down a bit and I am seeing a lot of shimmering in the cockpit.

Another hour of flying the Spitfire, this time over London and up the Thames. No CTDs at all. Looks like it may well be fixed at last.

Oh that is some very good news if this holds up I had left my G2 and sadly switched back to Track IR due to all the CTDs. I’m going to try this as well now to see if this holds.

So my results were a bit of a mixed bag but generally a move in a positive direction. Used the same VR settings I had before SU5 and I cleared all my cache before the update & test. These were my very first flights after the update.

1st round - With online traffic/multiplayer (constant CTDs like before)

  1. Naples Discovery tour (CTD in just under 10 mins wasn’t even over the city when it happened)
  2. New York discovery tour (CTD in 6 minutes while in the rain)
  3. Bonanza flight out of Sydney with Orbx Airport Scenery and Sydney City Pack (CTD in 4 minutes didn’t even get airborne)

2nd round - Online traffic/multiplayer off

  1. Bonanza flight out of Sydney with Orbx Airport Scenery and Sydney City Pack - Total flight time ~40mins. I flew in and out of YSSY multiple times and flew over the city and the outskirts.
  2. New York discovery tour - Total flight time ~ 35 mins flew over the city multiple times, in and out of the rain multiple times and landed in and out of kennedy, La Gaurdia & Newark with no issues.
  3. Naples Discovery tour - Total flight time ~ 20 mins. Flew around the city a couple of times and around the mountain a couple of times then landed at the nearby airport (Which I clearly don’t remember :slight_smile: ) Got the smoothest experience here.
  4. Bonus flight in a DA40 over London - CTD in ~6 mins. Flew from London city straight over the city then turned around for a second pass and I noticed a steady drop in frames then CTD.

Overall, minus the London flight where I’ve got terrible performance even in 2D sometimes those flights were super smooth and it is the longest I’ve flown in VR for a couple of months without the good old CTD taking me out in 10 mins. All those flights in round 2 were in one session without any restarts.

R9 5900X, RX 6800, 64GB Ram @3600, G2, OpenXR 60%, Sim 80%, Amd driver 21.7.2

This is awesome! My CTD’s are gone. My specs: Ryzen 3600x, Radeon 6900 xt, 32 GB ram, reverb G2. I’ve been flying for hours over 3 different flights without a CTD. I’m actually tired now of flying and stopped rather than stopping out of frustration. I had to come see the comments to find if it was the same for others. Glad to see it’s not just me.

Before the update I couldn’t fly for more than 10 mins without CTD. I even re-enabled all my overclocks on the ram, CPU, and GPU and still no CTD’s. This is unreal. Since I got the 6900 xt in February I’ve always had some level of CTD’s. It got worse over time where recently CTD’s were happening sooner and every flight. Today they’re gone! Finally it is confirmed, it wasn’t my hardware. It wasn’t my overclocks. It wasn’t the AMD driver. It wasn’t some stupid software setting. It was the game causing the issue and Asobo finally fixed it.

Glad to hear everyone is having a similar success. I did an overnight transcontinental flight in VR (left it on with little lipstick in front of the sensor so that it will stay awake), and no CTD, no overheating, went all night. Now we have to hope that Asobo will not break this in the future update.

Currently, anti-aliasing is broken in the cockpit, and there is lots of shimmering and jaggedness. This was report during beta testing, but was never fixed. Hope this will get addressed in the next update.

That’s great to hear. It seems you did more testing than I have. I have to agree… in the back of my mind I’m hoping the next update doesn’t change this success for us!

Regarding the shimmering etc., are you using motion reprojection? Try it with it off. It’s better for me with it off.

No motion reproduction. Never used it and never will. Broken AA is a known fact.

Promising news indeed! Haven’t DL’d the update yet; like to wait for the mad rush to clear out. Have some PC work to do today, but will try to update later today. Also heard there’s a new Radeon driver out that may also be contributing to the end of CTD’s for AMD owners.

Hello @Mayhem6633 , what is you setting on MFS and openXR ? I have same config has you, but still not sur what is the best VR setting (openXR 100 , and MFS80 whit TAA OR OpenXR 80 anf MFS 100 with TAA).
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @XmarcelX1987. I like to be able to adjust the render scale in the game while I’m flying so I just leave openxr at 100% at all times. Then I can adjust the render scale during a flight depending on conditions. If I’m flying in a major city I turn it down to 70-80 and if I’m in a rural area I can bump it up to 90-100.

I find if I fiddle with openxr settings after I launch MSFS then sometimes openxr crashes. Plus I haven’t noticed a major difference if I put 80 in openxr and 100 in the game versus 100 in openxr and 80 in the game. Both settings are pretty similar so I prefer it as I described.

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Its incredible now no CTD’s, happened with every flight before, very smooth, no stutters, clarity excellent even over London. almost all settings on ultra or at maximum except clouds. Render at 100% Open XR 100%. No idea what FPS are. Massive change with SU5.

R9 5900X RX6900XT 64GB Ram @3600 Reverb G2 Windows 11 AMD driver 30.0.13301.2011

I hope this holds true. I had a 6900 but returned it due to the CTD’s. Just ordered another one!
Fingers crossed.

Been flying lots now in VR again after this update and haven’t had a CTD for a while over even the dense cities.

Have gone flying twice now since SU5 and very pleased to report (after a couple of post-install reboots) ZERO CTD’s and long, satisfying flights with lots of landings in a variety of aircraft!

Yes, it definitely seems that MS forced the issue by opting to use AMD GPU’s inside the new XBox and simply HAD to address the AMD CTD problem prior to release. Yay for us! But I’m still rather annoyed it took this long to fix, and no doubt it was due to Radeon card owners being such a small minority of simmers compared with all the happy Nvidia users. I mean, look how long it took Asobo to release a hot fix for all of the Nvidia CTD’s caused by the update! What, 2 days?? Disgraceful. I forgive, but I will NOT forget the six months of immense frustration we were forced to endure long after they had our money earning interest in THEIR bank accounts.

And it wasn’t Radeon at all that was the issue because I purchased HL: Alyx and it runs beautifully on both my Reverb G2 and my XFX 6800 card. It’s been the sim all along that never addressed the AMD CTD issue until they had to thanks to XBox. I can only say THANK GOD my attempts to find a 30 series Nvidia card have remained unsuccessful, or I’d have wasted a thousand bucks or more on a card I didn’t wind up needing.

Now, if they can address the degradation of the colors and lighting and other anomalies that have arisen to replace CTD’s, I would love to experience this sim in the same eye candy we had before, but continue with CTD’s being nothing but a bad memory.

My fellow Radeon users, I share your joy in our long-awaited victory, and pray these developers will treat ALL their customers’ issues equally moving forward. Excelsior!


My experience thus far: After SU5, multiple long flights over sparse and dense scenery with NO CTD at all. Finally managed to complete the Iceland Bush Flight (sort of but not a G2 issue) and was blown away by the performance improvement.

Then came the hotfix and it seems all of the issues have returned. 5 minutes into the Norway bush trip and CTD. Just switching to the Bush Trip menu in VR crashes the sim. Seems like my G2 is back to being a paperweight :frowning:

AMD R7 5800x
AMD RX 6800
Asus X570 Gaming mobo
32Gb 3600 RAM

Edited: Managed to solve my problem. I deleted the rolling cache and increased the size. After that, everything seems to be working again :slight_smile:

100% agree, Same here 6 months of CTD RX6800xt & G2, And SU5 fixed it… not one crash now… i changed nearly everything in my system for nothing 6 months was a very long time to wait for a fix, And I see some guys here saying it’s been 3 days and no fix yet… I really hope they don’t have to wait for 6 months, MS/ASOBO need to address CTD problems quicker

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