SU5 Drone speed can't be set to 100% anymore

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I can’t set the drone speed to 100% anymore.
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Set a drone speed to anything, then try to set it to 100%. It will have the previous speed that was set before.
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GTX 1070, i7-4790K, 32GB RAM
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SU5 - I believe it was
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Same here,
I do can set drone speed to 100% with the slider but it has no effect.
PC version Microsoft Store
please make a ticket in Zendesk
SU5 with hotfix

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Click on the bar where you wish it to be rather than sliding it! Works for me! :slight_smile:

Actually 80% is faster than 100% now.

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Anything unter 100% will be faster than 100%. It seems the slider works fine until 99% and just stops working for 100%. 99% will be the fastest you can set your drone to at the moment. No biggie, tho, compared to all the other things going on.

Hello @Kitty73732747 and @ApprovedEar3320 , I noticed that too. But beyond finding a workaround, I point out two things:

  1. A very basic and working UI element stopped working.
  2. Whatever spoiled this UI element may be related to other problems, perhaps even the dreaded CTD storm we are under.

@Jumbopilot , I considered submitting a ticket to Zendesk, but the experience there is so bad… In fact, it is inexistent. I feel that only the topics on the forum are taken in consideration. For instance, in here sometimes we get feedback from moderators and on the weekly developer update, only bugs and wishlist items on the forum are mentioned. There are zero mentions to Zendesk tickets.

The sliders in the camera dialog are all broken.
If you move the slider in a way that your cursor no longer rests on the circle that you’re pulling, the position has no effect after releasing the mouse button.
If you release the mouse button while your cursor is on that circle, the new position has immediate effect.
The easiest to test this with is the “zoom level” slider since you get an immediate feedback when releasing the button if the change was successful.
If you set zoom first to 0% by clicking at the beginning of the slider (camera zooms out) and then drag the slider to 50% and before releasing the mouse button drag the cursor down a little out of the slider and release the button, the change has no effect. It’s not just the extremes of 0% and 100%, it’s just that there you have the most likely case of pulling too far out of the slider area.

That explains also the workaround to click on the desired position of the slider since then the release-event of the mouse button ends up on the slider as well.

Not sure if it’s just the camera dialog or other sliders as well.

The Graphics Options GUI doesn’t have this impact but there the position of the sliders is read out all the time, not just once you let it go (you can see the “Apply&Save” button appear even before releasing the mouse button while sliding).
Same for the sliders in the Fuel dialog which immediately change the weight of the aircraft visibly (not just after releasing the mouse button) and thus don’t have the issue of the mouse position when releasing the slider.

I opened Zendesk ticket 117019 for this.


I marked your post as a solution, although it is in fact a workaround that you devised after correctly diagnosing the real problem of the UI. Great work!

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Yep, that works for me as well. My drone gave in today the 25th August some time after SU5?

I was away from MSFS for a month and a half. I’m back flying now and have had to use this forum on about 4-5 issues to find all the work-arounds to fly. Thanks for the “fixes” on this one everyone.

I have this same issue, I have to force it back and forth to get the drone to set to 100%. Temp solution is to slide it back and forth and click on the little circle it gives you when it reaches the end a couple of times while sliding it back and forth.

You don’t have to try “back and forth”.
Just read my post above and you’ll be able to use it as before, you just need to be aware of how the sliders work now.

That’s just unbelievable! After at least three decades of solid UI standards established, Asobo forces us to learn to use the mouse again…

Also, I’m just thinking how hard it would be if I wanted to hack a slide bar (developing it) to make it behave in that way.