SU5 first destroyed my current installation, now reinstall takes ages (5-10Mbit/s download speed) and intermittingly crashes

Since yesterday I have been trying to install the Update 5. The update crashed, after that I wasn’t able to start the sim at all.
I checked the installation folder and it was empty except for one file of just a few kilobytes.
I had to delete the folder, but now of course I have to install the game from scratch again.
The download speeds are extremely slow (I have a 250Mbit connection and the peering of my ISP to all major networks is perfect - I usually can max out my line no matter from where I download something).
Not to mention the fact that I have to run rivatuner to limit the fps in the install screen to 30fps, otherwise it would render the status bar at 2000fps causing a 100% GPU load, wasting a lot of electricity during the endless installation process. And then the game sometimes gets stuck during the installation process so I have to restart it.
Sorry for the rant but honestly this is not acceptable.
The Sim is awesome but it fails miserably at basic things like installation process, updating and the main menu GUI rendering. And no matter how impressive the Sim is as soon as you finally make it into the cockpit, I can’t waste hours of time just trying to install or update the game. Please invest more effort into basic things such as the game download and update process. And that the gui for the update / install process causes such a GPU load is just insane and I don’t get why you don’t quickly fix such an issue.

Not only is everyone downloading SU5, the Xboxers are downloading it as well. The servers are overloaded. Some more so than others. It will get better but you might want to download flightgear if you fancy some flying today.