SU5 ... No. Just no

i7 4790K @4,5GHz
GTX 1080 OC
16 GB DDR3

To be honest, I’m a bit lost for words here…

It was only yesterday that I had one of the most beautiful flight sims of all time installed on my system. Running very smoothly and comfortably at Ultra/High at a locked 30 FPS, dipping a bit to the 20’s when flying very low over something like New York, but even then a very nice experience. Every flight it felt like I entered a real plane and flew over a real world through some magnificent weather. Sure, there was room for improvement but if you know how it started almost a year ago it was coming along nicely and I had good hope for the future. All was good and good it was!

But then I installed Sim Downgrade 5 …

  • Gone are the beautiful clouds. They sometimes almost look like 2D again, with strange colors, and even sometimes turning into a collection of square boxes, by lack of a better explanation

  • The overall texture resolution (or lighting?) seems downgraded. Somehow the world doesn’t feel as ‘vibrant’ and alive anymore. Hard to explain.

  • Aliasing artefacts are more noticable, lots of buildings and also the planes themselves suffer from this. It just hurts my eyes now even looking at the sun visors of the Cessna 172. When turning the plane they just fold, bend and almost break in half it seems. No matter which AA-settings I use (also in the NVIDIA control panel) the artefacts remain.

  • Gentle trimming is a thing of the past now. With every push of the trim button on my Alpha yoke the plane shoots to space or dives to the depths of the ocean.

  • What’s with all the clickety-clackety sounds in the cockpit? Does every plane come with a tap dancer in the back now?

  • And why does my “Airplane” cockpit turned into a “Gaming” screen, full of blue highlighted buttons and annoying tooltips? I have a PC, NOT a gaming console!! Why are these things turned on by default in the pc-version?? Took me a while to figure out how to get rid of them. If I want a console game I will buy it. But I don’t want a console game, hence my copy of MSFS for pc.

  • And what the f… - scenery popping - REALLY?! And not just once, but EVERY TIME you turn your head!!! I thought we had overcome those FSX-limitations by now!!!

  • plus 30 FPS … Yeah, Whoopee Doopee Wow.

Luckily, I always make an image of a good working MSFS version - reverting to an earlier version as we speak. Just have to be careful NOT to start the sim while online … to make sure it doesn’t force me to install this mandatory “update” again.

Come on, Microsoft. This is not an “update”. The only thing that has really improved significantly are the FPS. But that’s hugely overshadowed by the downgrades.

Why, Microsoft? I thought you had your act together. Together with the community building the best and most beautiful flight simulator ever. Was I mistaken? After all, why else give us pc-users this console overhaul/degredation of our sim?

I truly hope that the next update will blow us pc-users away and prove those of us wrong who think the same as me.


Well, you are luckier than me. Until the update, the sim ran, warts and all. Never crashed… Now, when I click on the icon to start MSFS (I have already posted this elsewhere but am still ranting…) the sim doesn’t even start or check for updates. Instead, I get a message asking me to allow the Microsoft Gaming Services app… so I click “Yes” and I am taken to the MS Store “Gaming Services” window. From there, no matter what I do, nothing gets downloaded and I can never get MSFS to start- not even the first window. So I’m basically without MSFS2020. I’m hoping it’s just Xbox mania flooding the downloads but why would the whole process have changed.
Of course, hearing your description of the update, I’m starting to really wonder if these guys are even close to as competent as they try to appear. Every update is a disaster in so many ways.
When MSFS 2020 was first released, many on this forum told us “complainers” that we needed to be patient…it was a whole new sim… it had to go through growing pains like past sims…
It’s been a year, 5 updates. Give me a break. No other sim, (especially by MS) ever had this many MAJOR glitches after a year and 5 updates (they didn’t even need 5 updates to work correctly).

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Does this help maybe?

Or even this:

I agree the clouds don’t look as good anymore. They look 2d to me now. I’m convinced they had to down tweek the graphic settings to achieve the results they wanted for consoles. I’ve worked through all the issues I had at first and now can fly complete flights. The scenery downgrade doesn’t bother me as much as others, but I get their disappointment. I’m not into pics or window watching so I probably don’t notice the things others are seeing. There is still plenty I have found wrong or broken but nothing that is keeping me from flying my TBM. I’ve been lucky and have not had many CTD’s.

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I know exactly what you mean regarding the new graphics. Hard to explain, but it just feels off. Reflections nearly gone, Shadowcasting from clouds and Objects almost zero, whites are way too bright, etc, etc.
I cant enjoy flying anymore because I know how it looked prior to SU5. I was just looking at my old screenshots. I really really hope ASOBO brings back an option in the graphics settings to upgrade to the old visuals again.


Thought it was me…but the rooftops flicker like crazy now…


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