SU5 Runways Not Flat

Anyone else running into this sort of thing?


See Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

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I ran into some pretty hefty bumps on the taxiway earlier today after I flew into cincinatti/northern ky international.

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Get Over It !


I found a similar thing last weekend as I was trying to get onto the runway at London City Airport (EGLC)
I assumed it was a glitch, down to me removing my Orbx scenery a few mins earlier, but I guess not.
Check out the first few moments in this clip. I had to pushback and take a run up to it.



Nice one here, as well.


This game is broken and full of bugs since SU5!

Not just photogrammetry and not a new issue - this has been ongoing since launch. Screen capture I did for a Zendesk report back in December:


leipzig taxiway is the same atm

Could be navigraph related, you need to re-organizeyour scenery, described here:

Or caused by an installed Mesh mod/AddOn.
Do the steps described in the link anyway, even if you dont have navigraph!

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The tarmac started to warp because of the high temp bug. Just kidding. Looks very funny. :wink:

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Open a Zendesk ticket, they fix everything for you.

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Yeah I noticed that :laughing:

For me the Thames river is a mess east of EGLC there are sharp elevation changes and the river looks like an amphibian landing would cause a crash (not of the “to desktop” variety)

This could explain what i’ve encountered at LFPG Chales-de-Gaulle,Paris with texture blending all over the place ,screenshots shared here

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to your next flying adventure… :roll_eyes:

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These are the new Challenges, demanded by Microsoft management. To make the sim more gamey.

They probably told you, “Reboot and you’ll be fine.” :grinning: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Not sure what Navigraph is. If it’s an add-on I don’t have any installed currently.

Looks like you should be landing with one of the sea planes lol

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