SU5 WU6 Unplayable with Oculus Rift CV1

Nothing changed with WU6 this is the unique game which crashes every time when I try to play in VR. SU4 was very good, but since SU5 is a nightmare, still having crashes, low FPS, low resolution and bad performance. I bought this game because was VR compatible. Now I have to play without VR. It runs OK without VR in Ultra for a poor 1080p, but I have already spend money in hardware to play in VR. How I miss SU4. Now I´m really frustrated, I payed to be unhappy.
I know this is a low performance PC, but how could It run MSFS2020 Ok when SU4 was working?

My specs:
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1660 Ultra 6GB GDDR 6
VR: Oculus Rift CV1
Display: 1080p Monitor
Intel(R) Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz
Storage: SSD 1TB, 115 GB Free.

Looks like your cpu and gpu are below minimum spec for vr. That could be your issue

I have a rtx 3090 strix and reverb G2 and with every update (SU/WU) my performance is getting worse
Yesterday was unplayable.


Yes looks like, but the fact that my old computer was running MSFS SU4 very well, logically indicates that the issue is the Update. I don’t play in 4K or 8K, I was playing in VR with comfortable settings or with 1080p without VR. If you aren’t experiencing any issue, because you have an expensive gaming computer, then try to see the Quality Degradation. For example the stadiums were 3D, now they are Flat 2D even playing in ULTRA. I have Videos about It. And thank you for your help, but more than that, I need positive help of gamers who are having the same issues and were capable of solve them; more than the happy ones that don’t have any issue. No matter which hardware I´m using I Payed for the SIM the same as You did.

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Yes I paid for a sim that I knew my computer was capable of running. Just cause your computer worked before doesn’t mean it will run as the game progresses. They have minimum specs for this reason as they cannot guarantee that it will always be stable of you are under. It’s very hard to help you out when your computer is under spec to start with. Good luck on sorting your problems

You are completely wrong. Remember and do some research before making me look like a fool. Of course I saw the System Requirements, I have 50 years and since I started playing ATARI Pong in the 70s, I never seen something like this. Remember “MSFS2020” Was released in August 2020 without VR Compatibility. I bought this tittle, as soon they released the first VR compatible version. They never updated the System Requirements for VR neither in the page or in the Store; on that time.

Check by yourself in the Store, even now; I mean Right Now the Minimum System Requirements aren’t updated. You will see.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or better.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
  • VIDEO CARD: Radeon RX 570 or GeForce GTX 770 or better.

So, You are not helping I will completely ignore you, BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO LOOSE MORE TIME.

Ok first things first. I’m not sure why you would mention you have been playing Atari since the 70’s. Is that supposed to be some sort of of flex? I have a commordore 64 with a heap of cassette games but anyone that’s completely irrelevant to this discussion so that’s save that for another day. That’s go back to specs. The vr specs were released at least a month before they released vr so you clearly did not do your research on this. If you go on the flightsimulater website you can clearly see there is a separate part for vr specs that has Been layed out by Microsoft so sorry you made yourself look like a fool all by yourself. Thankfully you have reminded me why I stopped helping people months ago and it was because of people that can not accept there system is the issue. Weather it is on the Store or not I have not checked but the FACT Is you are definitely below spec for vr. If it were me I would be upgrading my computer before troubleshooting anything else or you are just chasing your tail. Good day to you

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If you don’t believe me see it for yourself!

This latest update moved a great deal of load off the CPU and onto the GPU. I suspect that is the reason for the dramatic change in VR performance.

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SU6 is perfect!!! I could play with the same hardware in VR without any issues. That demonstrates that the issue was the SU5 and not the hardware. If you lower your settings to play with an old hardware, just enough to play decently, could be possible as It was on SU4. I am happy now.

Just don’t go getting upset and have another tantrum if another update down the track causes this issue again. As you are under the system specs weather you like to hear it or not. This is facts

The fact is that you were wrong, I am happy right now and the Upset one is you. If you can’t be happy because of your own weird behavior or the erratic content of you comments; I strongly recommend you to search Mental Attention. There’s no way you can decide when I have to be upset or not. Who are you to do so?. Really go and find help dude.

Your a tripper. Your the one that said you were leaving the forums and sim until 2025 and had a hissy fit. Just remember I was trying to help and you are the one in denial. Not arguing with stupid people that don’t want to listen. Grow up

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