[SU6 Beta] Can we have a private forum area for beta testers to share experiences

Thanks for that - which also means that anyone else in the beta wanting to see any screenshot or file posted can’t either? Which also isn’t great. Just all seems a bit “cack-handed” as we might say in the UK.

Yes, that’s correct. No-one, not even the author of the feedback can see the screenshot(s) once posted. There is no segregation between this Beta and Beta users vs. the non-beta version of Flight Simulator, only by mentioning it in the title (e.g. ‘SU6’ / ‘Beta’ / ‘ver #’…) do we know if it’s the Beta being talked about. So it’s about as ‘cack-handed’ as you can get, lol.

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Unlucky, i guess. But if you are a dev, you should message them to get acess. They said something like they would give 3rd partie developers acess. :slight_smile:

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I cant even see my own feedback report in the list of all feedbacks. I have the feeling that it is posted under the wrong category, although I selected “flight simulator”.

It seems to take a few minutes to appear for some reason


yes , well I followed those instructions, just changing the filters to “recent”

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Yes, all of this times 1,000. Thank you @Jummivana . I was just searching some bugs in Feedback Hub to see if others are commenting, and I just don’t see a lot of feedback (not to say SU6 isn’t good, just that in forums it’s so much easier to investigate stuff and talk back and forth with others).

It just takes a minute or so. I hit refresh and after a minute or two, I see my feedback

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So instead of someone creating a bug thread in the beta section of the forum for people to vote, now you would have I don’t know how many people reporting the same bug. Who is gonna sort all of that out? Probably some reports will have less than ideal descriptions or are just plain wrong.

I’m pretty sure a lot of bugs during previous Betas were discovered by users connecting the dots by reading multiple bug reports to find a common root cause. Also a lot of reports which weren’t actually bugs could be closed straight away by people knowledgeable about aviation before reaching the devs.


Dumb Question - but how do we make sure we login with our GamerTag? My default login / email is my MSFT account! So I just realized my feedback has been with my MSFT account so far for the Feedback App…

I think this was a good try / experiment, but I think sticking to forums + zendesk for bug fixes seems like the right /easiest path…


Agree - good idea, but doesn’t work so well

As far as I can tell you have to log in with your MS account, not gamertag

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Your gamer tag is associated with your Microsoft account, it’s not its own identity. Basically, whatever account you log in to the forums or simulator with, you use to log into the feedback hub.

Yes, although the feedback hub shows your real first name and not your gamer tag

With 5000 testers I’m sure no one is reading practically any of the feedback unless an actual new bug is thrown up … otherwise it’s just computers recording crash codes and collating numbers.

I don’t think there are 5,000 testers - I think they talked about that as a future potential capacity

Based on the number of votes for this and the number of items in Feedback Hub, it would indeed seem the number of testers could be low, or perhaps there are many testers but they don’t care for this situation given how things have gone before?

I reported an issue today but was limited by the max number of characters of the message.
The feedback hub is definitively not the best way to report SU6 issues.


The forum is also a much more easier way to post and especially read bug reports. I am nearly everyday on the forum not commenting always , but at least reading here.

This feedback hub is another software I dont open everyday, and sorting the filters to just read the flightsim bugs is too time consuming. Especially if there are also bug reports that dont have anything to do with the beta version.
The forum makes more sense to me :slight_smile:

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Thanks. That is what I thought. It is the same login for me in both places.