SU6: Bonanza G36 - Analog ASI is not reporting correct Airspeed vis G1000 PFD

Just to confirm, post update SU7, the analog ASI in the Bonanza G36 is still misreading (i.e. correct airspeed as Garmin panel 144 knots, ASI reads 85 knots).

IMHO it really is a pretty minor bug.


Glad I have found this thread as this was really bugging me.

I am glad that its not just me though and this seems to be a known bug. I can confirm that since recent update it is still not corrected.

I opened a ticket to zendesk 1 months ago

Also, you need to adjust the barometer on both the digital display and the analog altimeter, otherwise pilot gives incorrect altitude to ATC. Also AP wont follow desired altitude if this is not done.
Quirky, but I still love the G36

These items are not related to the bug report. Please look for similar reports to participate in or post your own if none found. Thanks.

I can confirm that since SU8, the Analog ASI is now reading correctly.

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This is a different bug. This is about the registration numbers.

The description of the mod mentions ASI fixes.

Fixed in Sim Update 10.