SU6: Bonanza G36 - Analog ASI is not reporting correct Airspeed vis G1000 PFD

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Confirmed on both PC and XBox

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Steam (PC) and MS Store (XBox)

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Post Sim Update 6, Analog Air Speed Indicator is not reflecting Indicated Air Speeds on the G1000.

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See attached.


XBox/MS Store

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Select Bonanza G36 as your plane, any airport, any weather. Start a flight. Upon stabilizing at altitude, check Analog ASI and compare to G1000 PFD’s IAS tape. You will see a mismatch where the the ASI is reflecting a much lower speed than the G1000. The G1000 is correct.

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Sim Update 6

I can confirm this bug.


Had the same issue in the Asobo B36. Downloading the Improvement mod and no issues with it then

Interesting! Is that the Frett mod?

Post U6, I have the same issue with the backup gauge, it reads slow, with no mod. Even with the Frett mod, it is slow.

Same issue here on Xbox. It was working fine before SU6, now reads no more than 60kt even when cruising at 170kt.

Here is a suggested work around:

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Thank you for the link, however we do not recommend any action on user side. Please wait for fix to be released to avoid any unexpected issues.


Same bug observed for me #PC Steam version post SU6.

YES , my steam gauge airspeed indicator is broken too
anyone notice FLASHING LIGHTS when interior/and strobe lights are turned on?
what takes so long to get these problems fixed?

I fly the G36 pretty often and realized that the analog airspeed gauge reads significantly lower than the actual airspeed im flying at. This did read correctly before SU6. Anyone else have this issue?

@Ibanezplayer200 thats what this thread is about. Yes it read correct before SU6 but since the update it has been wrong

Ibanezplayer200’s post was merged into this one - they had started a separate thread, so they were not an original part of this conversation. It does seem disjointed that way, but that’s why their question appears so far down in this chain.

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@CasualClick good to know, thanks!

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That is correct! Sorry about that!

I also confirm this bug and I vote.
no mod used

Same bug here. I guess it’s a conversion issue… converting the speed where it should not

there is my bug today. Bonanza g36 Cockpit. This is the Garmin G1000 NXI and the Stand by Instruments Panel.

Yep, inexcusable

Analogue PROP RPM also just shows zero