SU6 Release Notes (10-19-21)

“Totaly FALSE”

Try reading this forum … the fact you do not have issues does not mean thousands and thousands of others have no issues … again read the forum for 5 minutes

So FALSE is a bit weird.

Hence the huge list of BUG fixes proof there are a lot if bugs also !

Lets talk again after the patch …

Read the forum posts

I think u missed the 50000 posts with bugs and complaints

What was totally false was your statement most were having problems… and I have read the forums… some are having problems, some are very vocally about the problems they are having, but the number of people posting in the forums is by far a small percentage of those who have the simulation, and not all those posting are having problems so your ascertain that “most” are having problems is patently incorrect.

I never stated there were not any bugs, I just have not run into any that makes the software unusable. Big difference,


Is the SU6 only to the version which has been bought from MS Store?
I have bought the game from Steam and I can’t get the download button visible.

First BETA I got the download button visible - even I preordered via Steam.

more than year, where the cirrus?
if devs don’t know what is that

Currently, Sim Update 6 is in a closed beta, for which only owners of the MS Store version could apply. So for now, there is no chance for Steam users to get early access to upcoming updates. In my opinion this is related to the Xbox Insider Hub, which only works with apps purchased in the MS Store and not with external (non MS) platforms like Steam.

That’s odd decision - which should be clearly stated at the first place. First BETA early access I downloaded from Insider Hub, but I played it via my favorite platform (Steam). I didn’t realise, that the situation could change.

EDIT: I first preordered FS2020 from Microsoft Store, but I cancelled it because I read, that I can play early access via Steam where all my games are.

Anyway, thank you for the information. :blush:

I am cautiously optimistic. Looks great. Let’s see if it delivers without breaking a ton. From reading this, it sounds like 95% of third party aircraft will have to be updated again. That will be a drag. But… maybe this is necessary for progress. The good developers will update their stuff.

I’m hoping SU6 and the SDK improvements help Dev’s get a few projects out of the hangar.

Exactly, what item in the SU6 change notes, do you attribute this API to ?
If indeed, this is to be in SU6, I would be both delighted and amazed !!

Are you refering to : -

-Added “GET_METAR_BY_IDENT” (ident) call to JS facility listener to get a METAR by airport ident
-Added “GET_METAR_BY_LATLON” (lat, lon) call to JS facility listener to get the closest METAR by latitude and longitude

Fantastic – but

Is that Real World Metars or Metars derived from the MSFS weather system in the sim.

Currently, one can get the Real World Metars by access to the Internet, (and having access with a key,) – maybe this just adding that INTO MSFS - getting Real World Metars (allowing those with X-Box to get Metars ? )

In the SDK section under JS API.

I’m no dev and it may mean absolutely nothing though, I just noticed it in there.

Yes, it does not specify WHERE the Metar data is coming from … My guess would be real world Internet Metars, or maybe even some Metar cache held my Microsoft.

If it was the Metar data that MeteorBlue is using in MSFS weather, that might be different – but I doubt it.

Well I’m assuming it’s for their weather system given there are plenty of sources for real world metars.

But anyway this is great news! The more functions the SDK gets the better it is for the quality of any addon :slight_smile:

Worht noting that Steam won’t let you play a game that needs an update either without first installing - the “dreaded” “mandatory update” is live and well there too

50,000 posts is not the same as 50,000 users.

See also It's just not fun anymore - #40 by PipsPriller for thoughts on statistics about the forum.

Why do you doubt it? Isn’t this exactly what they were talking about in the Q&A?

Hopefully won’t be a problem matey if they are quick out of the blocks.

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Yup. I’m confident that FBW, Aerosoft and PMDG will get updates out ASAP. We’ll have to wait a while for ScrapSim and Bredok though…

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I’m really hoping SU6 will deliver on the performance side. I desperately want to do long haul flights with the 787 again, but it’s basically impossible with the current performance issues (no workarounds work for me). It’d be nice if I could do the Qantas route from Perth to London, or Melbourne to New York via LAX.