SU6: VATSIM vPilot "Software Tip" text needs to be clicked to refresh or hide

See title. Any idea if this is a bug or a feature? Before SU6, any VATSIM vPIlot text would appear on the screen if “Software Tips” was enabled in MSFS. The text would disappear automatically after a few seconds or refresh on its own when a new message arrived.

After SU6, the text doesn’t refresh anymore when new messages are sent and has to be clicked with the mouse to show the next message. Might be a vPilot issue with SU6 but just checking if others have noticed it too.

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We are not sure if this is a bug or a change in the SDK where the 3RDP developer hasn’t updated. Normally all bugs in any 3RDP, go to that 3RDP vendor and then they in turn bring the issue/bug up via their support means to the developer.

However, we are going to move this into the Bugs & Issues and notify the team to see which is the case.

Thank you.

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