SU9 F/A-18E Missing HUD

I apologize if this issue has been previously discussed but my search did not yield any results.

Problem: Since SU9, the F/A-18E HUD is missing. I am not sure if Asobo added a switch to toggle the HUD. Any help/suggestion appreciated.

It looks like the brightness has been turned to the off position, maybe a new keybind interaction with SU9.

Thanks for the response. Yes, that came to mind and I rolled it all the way to the right but no joy. If I delete the folder from the addons, is there a way to redownload the aircraft?

You can always reinstall packages from content manager.

I cannot confirm this bug, the hud works just fine on my end.

Delta, thanks for the response. I did figure it out. It was the “Super Warrior” mod in the community folder that was interfering with the MSFS updated version.

It is good to know that I can reinstall via content manager. Thank you.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities since Topic Author identified a third party mod “Super Warrior” was root cause, and closed.