Sudden CTD after working fine yesterday

I have installed the flight simulator around a week ago and flew yesterday first time with my new joystick and a VR headset. Everything worked fine. Today after work, I wanted to continue to lear/fly a bit, but the FS2020 just keeps crashing to desktop after an installation manager that seemingly wants to install some stuff (but does not do so?). Additionally I keep getting “online services unavailable”. Is that connected?

TL;DR: Is it “normal” that I cannot start the game today and am seemingly “offline” with a non-working patcher?

Kind regards!

Hello @WulfWestphal .

The new Sim Update 5 was just released.
This may cause your issue.
If you have purchased MSFS on the Microsoft Store, try to check for updates on it, before launching MSFS.

Thank you I will just have patience.

yes… wait a little bit and try to download again later… may be the servers are bit in heavy load.

The topic about is: Cannot update thanks to CTD at start

Well I made it past the installer but cannot use the sim without a CTD every 5 minutes or so. Community folder empty.


message from windows event log ? ( I should add these question into my clipboard )

Seems like mine was entirely related to AI Traffic (as is reported in the known issues). Once I turned that off, the sim started working fine. That said, its a key component and is a bit unacceptable its broken to this level.

I lied. No improvement. CTDs on every flight since installing Sim Update 5 and it’s subsequent hot fixes.

then still