Sudden Fish Eye effect in VR

Brief description of the issue: All of a sudden today, I started having a sort of “fish eye” effect in VR. Anyone else suddenly have this issue? Reboot didn’t fix the issue. Graphics drivers are up to date. What else can i try?

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Quick update… I had Open XR render scale set to 50. Bumped it to 55 and fixed the issue. Still trying to tweak the VR graphic settings and Open XR render scale and In-Sim render scale to find the sweet spot.

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I switched OpenXR render scale from 100 to 50 and got the fish-eye distortion. Without further experimentation I put it back where it was assuming the distortion would be proportional to how far I turned it down. From what you say, I’ll try 55.

I have since turned Motion Reprojection off in Open xr and now I can slide it down to 50 without the fish eye effect.