Sudden loss disc space

I appear somehow to have lost lots of disc space, the only things altered have been Win 10 update and the change on here. But I’m utterly clueless with regard to the cache in Msfs could it be that causing it? If so what and where do I clear it. Thanks in advance.

What windows update are you referring to? If you converted from Windows 7 and you have no intention of going back, you can delete that file(windows.old) - but ALWAYS use the disck cleaner in Windows for this.
The Rolling Cache file is allocated in Windows to the amount of space you have it set to in the sim - whether it’s full or empty. So, if you allocated 16gb… it will reserve 16gb at all times.

There is a way to move your Rolling cache file to another drive if you want to.

If you don’t know whats taking up that new space, get yourself a software utility like TreeSize to see whats eating up your space. Also, CCleaner is now safe to use. It’s been cleaned up, so to speak - no more spamming.

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You can also run some diagnostic things to make sure windows did not mark those clusters as bad for some reason. To run them, open command prompt as administrator.

  1. SFC_/scannow - it takes up to hours if large drive.
  2. Chkdsk_/F/R - This one really takes some time if drive is large. For my 8TB one it takes up to day and half to finish. This one will tell you if you have bad clusters, etc. If so, and under warranty, check with manufacturer for new drive.
    The drive manufacturer (WD for example) has diagnostic programs which should be in some folder or downloadable from their website to also run diagnostics, etc. Assume, others do as well. I primarily use WD because their customer support is top notch. As mentioned 8TB drive showed WD diagnostic issues, ran Chkdsk, bad clusters, sending me new drive as we speak.
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