Suddenly i see Live Traffic with correct liverys(Xbox)

This is at Dallas FTW just now:

Gone are the Generic liveries. What happened? This is huge.


As I alluded to in a separate post, when I fired up the sim a couple of nights ago I was alerted to an automatic download which simply said ‘Flight Simulator add-on update’. Was about 85mb. I figured it was something Asobo-related rather than third-party — perhaps there’s a link to what you’re seeing? I plan to have a blast in an hour or so so I’ll have a look…

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Yes, please do so. Man, if this is true it would be awesome!

Awesome… for 24hrs, anyway…

One thing I’ve come to learn about MSFS is that, the more’s presented to you, the more you want/expect!

If this is happening, it really does invalidate the notion that realistic AI traffic is an insurmountable hurdle for Xbox. Okay, most of the default airliners look like the illegitimate offspring of an A330 and a Dassault Mirage, but it would certainly be a start!

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I’ll have to admit though, the performance hit it took was quite severe… Dallas FTW( the Asobo handcrafted one) was always a struggle though so let’s see how this evolves.

This isn’t an Xbox-specific issue. Once they traffic behaving correctly, it will on all platforms. Whether it’s console of PC is irrelevent.

Even with 3rd party traffic add-ons for PC, said traffic is only injected. Add-one will add more plane types and liveries, and potentially new routes. The AI itself and how planes behave are still controlled by the sim’s code.

So once traffic behaviour and ATC get fixed, it will apply to all platforms automatically.

The only Xbox specific thing with traffic atm is that you don’t have the option of using add-ons like FSLT, AIG, etc. Just rest assured that this doesn’t fix anything on PC either. It just adds a wider variety of broken traffic.

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Do y’all have Simple Traffic activated still by chance?

Good question. I don’t think so. I had it, but got refunded. It still worked for a while though. But then one day I did a clean install of the Sim, then it was gone.

I do have the E-Jets addon still running though, and that has always worked fine.


Still seeing the awful default AI traffic on my Series X, disappointingly…

I did, however, notice half the terminal buildings missing at DFW, with magic floating jetways and MAGLEV trains…

I don’t get it.

Did you previously owned the Simple Traffic addon, and/or did you ever leave the beta’s?

Nope, never had Simple Traffic.


Well, what i saw this afternoon was a one time thing by the looks of it. Did 2 flights since and it’s back to Generic ones, with the occasional E-Jets showing the right livery but that’s it.

I really haven’t a clue why I saw what I saw this afternoon at Dallas FTW…

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Simple Traffic is good for those that have no other option. I tried it out of curiosity and having ground aircraft basically teleport as a slideshow as their position is updated in intervals is meh, especially when FSLTL exists or even MSFS traffic which offers the same thing, live traffic.

One day things are different and the other are back to before. With back to before being the common denominator. You may have just been lucky to find a way through the gap in the coding or something on the backend that allowed something to work right but then reverted back. Common theme of MSFS.

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It’s also ideal for people like me that 99% fly GA to small remote grass strips or small airports but sometimes arrive at big international airports. It’s literally a “simple” way to add that realism (enough) so we don’t see silly generic airliner skins, without the processor workload constantly needed for something I rarely see.

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UnitedArt, this happened to me only 1 time after installing a livery bundle months ago, and never happened again. I wish we have a solution for this, tired of seeing same generic livery everywhere.

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I see. Yeah for me it also happened only once, but it was out of the blue… It’s such a shame to be back to those generic ones.

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I’d love to know the source of the liveries.

The fact that they showed up means you have them, the only other explanation would be they were surreptitiously testing something regarding live livery download, which is super highly unlikely for a number of reasons.

Question: Have you loaded any livery addons?

If you have, and it only works occasionally, the occasional aspect could have something to do with the time of day you fly and the liveries you have loaded, as well as the success rate of the Live Traffic to download real data that happens to match the livery selection you have loaded. After that it depends on how well the developer set up the aircraft.cfg files for those liveries to have the correct data for matching.

I have no clue why it’s so hard for developers to get it right. Why is it so hard to get the ICAO data correct? They so often just write what they feel like rather than do 10 seconds of searching on the ICAO dataset website. It’s also so easy to get the ATC call signs correct for aircraft type, and nearly every plane I download has that information set up incorrectly.

Fortunately, I’m on PC, since I have to correct nearly every plane I download. This is one of the major reasons I won’t buy from the Marketplace, since the aircraft.cfg files (which contain no proprietary data) are still being encrypted.

But my “correcting” the files is also in itself a problem, because by changing the files, well, even though they were wrong and are now correct, now they’re different from the rest of the Live Traffic/Multiplayer space that has those same planes and liveries. But, I’m doing it based on the belief the AI system is more likely to find matches on my system if the data in the files is correct. And I hate seeing Pipers at gates when developers put “Any” in the parking field. :roll_eyes:

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I have tons of livery packs installed, for various aircraft and from various creators. But, the Kalitta Air 747 livery shown on my screenshots isn’t part of any livery pack i have installed. I’m absolutely sure of that.

Edit: now that i think of it, isn’t that part of the default set of liveries that comes with the 747?

I always wondered if buying livery packs would help with showing actual liveries on non GA AI planes or not. Seems to be random unfortunately.

I don’t really fly airliners much but would buy liveries if that helped AI planes to have the correct ones, if that makes sense.