Suddenly lost all my settings!

I have MSFS installed on my Laptop and on my Game PC. Everything has been running normally until today.

I had FS running on my laptop to try out a few things, then shut down FS and the laptop itself. After that I went over to my PC and started FS there like I always do. Then I saw a xbox message window telling me that my FS was currently running on another device. The laptop was already shutdown at that time.

As there was no way to exit the program, I killed the task via task manager. Since then the FS starts on both machines like it was new born. I am told to configure my game. Obviously all my setting are lost. Is there a way to get my settings lost. They should be stored somewhere in the “cloud”. But the cloud seems to be blown away.

Is there a way to get my settingsback? :wink:

only if you have a backup :wink:

Is my understanding correct that you run MSFS on two different PC ?

If so, i’am not sure about possible conflicts. But with bit luck, you have a “backup” of the settings on the other PC.

I didn’t know there was a way to backup my settings. I don’t even know where they are stored. As far as I know the settings are syncronized online in the mysterious cloud. Am I wrong?

Yes, I’m running MSFS on my laptop or on my PC. It has been working perfectly so far. No conflicts, no problems with syncronization.

The controller settings are still there!!! :partying_face:

Only all the other simulator settings like graphics, sound, etc. are reset. No problem to get that fixed. But re-assigning all the controller buttons for each of my favourite aircraft would have been a bunch of work. So I regard this as another MSFS mystery.

I’ll startup my Airbus H135 now and learn to hover. That’s why I started the sim today. :helicopter:

What is obviously needed are some recommended (and workable) way for players to be able to backup their data (independent of the MS Cloud backup of their parameters, { and Log book !! ]), so that they can be restored when these “Data Loss / Corruption” issues occur.

There are two kinds of people: those who backup, and those who have never lost all their data.

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then your settings are still available within the cloud :slight_smile:

Relevant hardware settings are local for specific pc.

The latest big thread about backup your files, was the " [Playtime gone missing]…"
thread… but we mentioned it also in other threads.

For Steam eg. Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date] - #31 by MichaMMA

folder for MS-Store: \appdata\local\packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\systemappdata\wgs”
( there are also some posts within that thread )

have fun… I have to fly now a Mi8 mission… but not in MSFS :rofl:

I will stay with my H135 and the Bell47 for the time being. I really hate practicing, but it looks like I must. Life is so easy with fixed wings…

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