Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

I wonder if they could be related to marketplace purchases or etc…I believe that is when I got the mb339. I will have to double check. All I can recall is that it asked me to log back in, I couldn’t for the life of me remember my password, reset it for my MS account, and once it logged back in, everything was off.

Who knows.

Carrying forward my post of yesterday from similar topic:

While in flight, got the message that packages are out of date etc. The first time I ignored it but then it came back and when I choose to follow the instructions, I ended up with a totally reset game as if it was the first time I was playing. Everything was set to defaults except for the control sensitivities and all my log has been lost - I am getting the next level but my flight history is lost and the screen shows like I have flown nil hours. Some achievements seem to have been saved, training history lost.

I got the message after a fresh boot of my system and after loading into the main menu.

After that my logbook entries were also gone.
MS store edition

I’m glad I hand wroted down my flights in a physical logbook.


Exactly the same here, also all settings gone. It was during es H135 Flight in Switzerland. I don’t think, there is any connection to where or what one was flying.
Rolling cache was set from 250 Gb to 0, and when setting back to 250 Gb MSFS is hanging up…

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Yes, happened to me yesterday (seemed to occur just after loosing the server connection), got the packages out of date message, followed the instructions and was booted out the flight, restarted everything, checked that there were no updates pending and when when that came up with nothing I started the flight again and…found that logbook has been zeroed… not too worried about the logbook I know I’ve done about 208hrs now) but its a bit of a weird bug.

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Steam users can check the log file ( C:\Program…\Steam\logs\cloud_log.txt ) related to strange things. But I expect that MSFS determined that somewhat is out of date and created new files, which Steam then takes as given from the App. No idea why MSFS think the files are out of date, if your system time is not strange ( or there was a connection lost which msfs wrong interpreted ).

Here you find the local cache of the steam cloud files ( possible backup from time to time if the hours of flight important ):
( 125… is MSFS app nr )

Here the online version:

There is no history, but with a local backup you can replace local files with an older version and steam ask then which file you want to use.


Hi - I have the Store version - got the same message popup during a flight, that the Packages were out of date - post that message logs were gone, some control profiles were altered for my Bravo throttle quad - Marketplace purchases seem to be there as normal though.

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If there was a way to BACKUP one’s logbook manually, and/or start MSFS with a batch file that first backed up the Logbook, that might help a lot of players retain their data, while this “LogBook data loss” is occurring.

I have not looked specifically for this, but I remember seeing the logbook file somewhere, which was not directly Human Readable (Binary), but there is probably no reason why it cannot be backed up & restored when MSFS is not running ??


Steam : Playtime gone missing - #31 by MichaMMA
MS-Store : don’t know, may be “…\appdata\local\packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\systemappdata\wgs”

I got this message last night during a flight to Hawaii. I was halfway through the flight (3 hours after takeoff) and it ended my flight and brought me to the “press any key” page. I’m flying the same exact flight right now so I’ll see if it happens again.

Going through my settings though, I don’t really see anything that changed. However, my logbook is empty and profile hours are gone. Also, my marketplace is grayed out at the top.

Upon starting my flight, I noticed that ATC sounds different (like the voice). It’s still there, but the voices sound different. Anyone else noticing this?

Also, so is there any known cause or fix yet for this issue?

Also, if it helps, I bought mine through the store, not steam.

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Seems like there is a problem with Azure servers and Azure ATC doesn’t work.

So then is this an issue related to the update message issue?

I suppose so, both problems appeared the same time for me.

Same for me today. MS Store version… Got the packages out of date message and then lost 800 hours. Fun.


Hi guys,
I have the same issue, void logbook, but before the “packages out of date” message, I got “your bandwith is not enough…” one . Grrrrr too

Same here - went on a short hop from EDDH to EHGG when the error msg showed up (outdated package) and the textures got blurry. The AZURE ATC hat some difficulties as well on an earlier flight. My Profile was reset too… only the latest 3 or 4 flights are in there - the rest got wiped.

Just to add: I own the MS Store version too.

got the same issue, seems like they have droped the ball , my version is the MS Xbox store version, not a Steam version.

A wild guess, server lost user’s data, run restore from the backup (old), now server and client data out of sync, server pop up to request to sync, if answer is yes, server upload data to override local data, synced. If you answered no, what ever you done your flight or restart the game, your local data override the server’s. Just a wild guess.

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The most interesting part is this only happened to me when I reset my password for the MS account

Pretty sure there is a “sync” message box for that. This “packages” thing sounds like a different animal.