How to remove the data bandwidth without open the game

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I active the Data bandwidth in my game before the update, I set it at 5 MB/s, but I have a connection of 10Mb/s.
I tried to do the update but I can’t download the fs-base-bigfile (I tried to restart my computer, to set the autotuning disabled, and many others solution but no one works …)

I think the problem is the data bandwidth so I uninstall MSFS2020 in the steam app.
I start the MSFS download… and I see : there are the data bandwidth !!
The same problem, the downoad is stuck at 160 MB…

I search for the setting file but I only find the Graphic setting…
I also tried to delete the MSFS appdata file, but same error …

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Set a too low Data bandwidth and wait for a update.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

MSI GTX 1060
Intel i5 9000
SSD Samsung

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?


Thank you in advance :smiley:

Hello @Devesc1789

There have been many posts about this subject - such as this one indicating NetLimiter might help:

If you haven’t already, please use our Search for similar topics that might have a solution.


I have the same issue. I have it every time MSFS updates. I have used Netlimiter and a recommended VPN software in the past, however both trial versions have expired. For the last update, I paused and unpaused the update every 30 seconds or so (try that with a 120g download…) I am attempting to use Netbalancer to limit the bandwidth to 3Mbs, but that doesn’t seem to be working this time. I have tried every suggestion MSFS has suggested, I have created a ticket with Zendesk, and they simply reiterate the steps I have already taken. This is ridiculous. Largest software company in the world, and they can’t fix the download issues with their own software (on their own operating system). This is incredibly frustrating. If so many users are having this issue, MS should be able to figure out what is wrong and correct it. I have played PC games for the past 2-3 decades and have never experienced this issue.


This other note was posted on the Community Help channel in the official MSFS Discord Server, which is also a great resource.

Note - it will reset your control settings (i.e., joystick, etc) - that can’t be helped.

— This fix only applies for when:

  • If you played the game before and set an limiter on your download speed, later uninstalled the game.
  • When reinstalling, you have the download speed limited by the limiter. (Which I had set way to low for some stupid reason)

— Fix

  • Make sure FS2020 is off.
  • Go to C:\Users[Your username]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData
  • Delete the “wgs” folder.
  • Disable your internet
  • Start FS2020 and get to a configuration screen
  • Re-enable your internet
  • Limit is gone.

note @Devesc1789 mentioned steam :slight_smile:

folders :

( or also )

We are not sure whether the “datausage” file contains that setting for bandwith limit. At least it contains usage. May be its enough to remove that file, but not sure…
( note: here the files contained in cloud, local steam storage )

In these thread a user had a issue with invalid setting, and done deletion of “all”.


Thanks @MichaMMA for the clarification and the additional procedures for the OP.


Thank you for your answers that you have given me.
I have all tried it, but unfortunately for me it did not work …
So I will install the packages on another computer and copy them to mine with an external hard drive :).

Good flight !

Thank you so much CasualClick! It did work for me an the Limit is gone. My FS2020 ist Updating at full speed again. As a Gamepass User, i had to go to the MS Store Settings an set my computer as the “Offline PC” to use game pass titles in Offline Mode. Then i followed your steps an it Works! So stupid, that Asobo has not build some Speed Options into the downloader…

Thank you CasualClick! This also solved my problem after trying to re-install to a different drive. Once I followed those steps the downloads went back to normal speed. Definitely should be an easier way, but this worked!

There is a community wishlist to have this part of MSFS reworked. You may contribute here:

For those that are new to the forum, the wishlist is for features in MSFS that you would like to see changed, added or removed. We use a voting system (upper left of the first post in the topic).

thanks a lot !!! I did set the limit half a year ago using mobile internet.
How in the world should i know that this is a global setting on any computer?
I did it on a laptop but also the new instalation on my desktop didnt work.

But one thing should be also in the fix:
disable internet some seconds after launching the app because else xbox app is yelling about no internet.