Joystick Profile Location - Steam?

I have a question I am purchasing a new Computer, I currently am using a Logitech 3D Pro joystick. When the new computer arrives I want to figure out a way to transfer all of the joystick settings that I currently have in the old machine over to the new machine, does anyone know where the folder is that contains all of the joystick profiles as well as the keyboard profile so I can just copy that folder into the new computer hard drive. Thank you in advance.

Depends if you have the Steam version or MS Store version.

Also, these profiles do sync with the cloud. When you reinstall, those profiles and other settings will sync that folder.

Thank you for your quick response, I installed the steam version, so you’re saying that when I reinstall the game in my new computer that all my joystick settings in my profile will be exactly the way they are now?

Yes, your existing (last saved settings) will be re-synced automatically.

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This is referring to the MS Store version only.

Just for reference, mine are here:


In here are a host of GUIDS. For example, the file below contains my Yoke configuration:


If anything went wrong with that sync process, you could always copy the contents of said file, into the contents of the new file, if it ended up being assigned a different GUID.

I’ve never installed it on more than one machine, so I don’t know if these GUIDs persist from machine to machine, but it wouldn’t be much of a sync process if it didn’t. :wink:

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Wow! Thank you so much…how the hell did you locate that…? :thinking:. Great job…:+1:

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Remember that will be for the MS Store version. Steam will be different.

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Thank you for the information, unfortunately I have the steam version, not the Microsoft store version, you wouldn’t happen to know the path for the steam version would you?

OK. I just sent a private message to a member that I know has Steam to let me know where Steam stores that! :slight_smile:

Will post back or unless someone else will.

EDIT: I’ve updated your topic title with “Steam” in it.


Awesome! You are the man thank you so much! I’m waiting on cyberpower PC to ship my new machine so once I get it I have to transfer everything over that’s why I’m stressing out, you know how many control settings there are…:persevere:… I really didn’t want to go back and do each and every one of them if I didn’t have to… because you know you have the keyboard settings as well, and the Logitech 3D Pro joystick. It’s just a lot of stuff to try to put back…

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You can download / backup your current settings from the Steam Cloud

Localy you can find these “cache folder” within, example:

*C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOUR-USER-ID\1250410*

note: 1250410 is steam id for MSFS.

If you replace local files then Steam ask which files you will use.

PS: I’am not 100% sure about that the input profile id’s are the same. But you get at least the content of the files.


Perfect! Thank you so much, I will try it when I get home…it’s just such a pain in the neck to have to redo all the joystick and keyboard configuration…:+1: