Suez Canal: Ever Given Makes it into the Sim

As the title says- there’s now a mod for the Ever Given that’s blocking the Suez Canal. Well, at least we’re moving beyond coffee cups and obelisks :rofl:


It was only a matter of time.

You mean Evergreen?

Apparently it suffered from a sudden change in wind … see, MSFS is so much wrong as people say :smile:

I believe that Evergreen is the name of the company that owns it. The ship’s name is Ever Given. And yes, this SHOULD be in a mod because as things seem, the ship will still be there there until WU6 or so.

For some reason I now feel less bad about my horrible crosswind takeoffs and my questionable rudder handling.

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if you want to see where the ship is right now: EVER GIVEN, Container Ship - Schiffsdaten und aktuelle Position - IMO 9811000 MMSI 353136000 - VesselFinder