Suggest a Glossary and List of Abbreviations for Guide Section of Forum

I read in a press article or two that Microsoft hopes that FS 2020 will attract newbies to gaming (like me!).

Perhaps the answer to my suggestion would be “just use an Internet search” but I think a glossary and list of common abbreviations would be helpful to inexperienced gamer types like me. If there are already authoritative guides on this site or elsewhere on the Internet on particular topics, they could be referenced in the Glossary/List of Abbreviations.

For example, what is XMP memory (I already looked up the answer for myself on this one).

The Glossary/List of Abbreviations could also include common settings in the sim Options, e.g., a short explanation of what vsync and simconnect are all about, and so on.

I realize that this suggestion falls in the realm of “ideas are cheap but doing them is a whole new can of worms.”

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I would like to humbly second this request. I did not see a ‘vote’ button. One thing, though, is that I don’t think we need computer abbreviations such as CPU, GPU, etc. I think it would be wonderfully useful for noobie pilots, e.g. IAS, ITT, etc. Many many thanks. If helpful, I would be more than happy to do a couple dozen of them. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the suggestion. As OP, I can edit the thread categories and I’ve moved the post to the Self-Service Wishlist Category. So now we can both vote! :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a category on the forums where such a post could live - #guides The issue is the time involved in creating it.

If someone is interested in working on this, please send me a private message and I will work with you to get a guide up and in the guides category.

Well, I’d be interested but I’d have to disqualify myself since I’m a ■■■■■ when it comes to aircraft, the SDK, modding computers and overclocking and so on (jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none is the best description for me!).

A guide doesn’t necessarily have to be the doing of 1 person. Perhaps it could be more like a wiki with a number of knowledgeable people contributing as they went along and it could grow incrementally. Maybe a few people could be “moderators” of the Wiki and vet additions before they become official, maintain consistency of style, etc.

In fact, maybe it could be like Unix where there is a template for creating information about a command and its uses that the description of every command is supposed to follow in the man guide (or whatever it was called).

One thing that one could add at the end of such a definition might be a small, selected list of references both to other guides with the forum and maybe elsewhere on the Internet.

For example if someone defined what a Garmin G1000 or G3000 was, the definition could include “References” or “Suggested Reading”

Discourse has a wiki function that we can enable on an individual post level, so we can do that. But before I set up such a post, I would want some terms, with and without definitions to provide a starting point.

OK. We can all provide some suggestions including anyone else who encounters this thread and feels motivated. I have some housework to catch up on right now!

Update: (@Nyx1819 -doing housework is so boring!) I typed out a few terms in stream-of-consciousness mode. There out to be a list somewhere of suggestions that have been submitted and that are under consideration, accepted with work in progress, completed, or rejected. That would prevent 10 people from submitting or all beginning to write from scratch the same glossary entry.

One easy way to have a glossary would be to just link to already existing definitions in Wikipedia or elsewhere.

Perhaps definitions could be classed beginner, intermediate, and advanced and a user could filter the glossary according to how advanced they think their knowledge is - if they think they’re expert but don’t see anything at the expert level, they could drop the filter back down to intermediate level glossary entries (or maybe just “newbie” and “expert” to make it simpler?). Terms could also be classified as for SDK only, recreational flight, serious simmers, if tags could be used on terms and then filtering on tags.

Maybe the glossary entries could be tagged or segregated too according to whether they were for SDK, flying aircraft, airport setup, hardware considerations for gaming, peripherals (like structure of community forum itself)

Some possible terms for glossary

HP Reverb G2
Oculus Rift
ambient occlusion
text supersampling
level of detail
ray tracing
voltage lowering
NVMe M.2
3ds Max
Substance Painter
heads-up display
(parts of plane - or a diagram in MSFS that shows plane - even better if you could peel away surface and show interior systems, wiring, fuel lines, etc. - maybe OEM’s have that on their websites?)
DCS (World)
study level aircraft
hold short for takeoff

Wow! When I read all the replies to this, I got pretty excited. The term “baby steps” came to mind. I have a couple of humble criteria that I think we could start with and we can grow this as needed.

  • Start with only acronyms (e.g. not G1000, not C152)
  • Restrict this initially to include only the following:
    • flight (e.g. AOA)
    • MSFS related - (e.g. AA, LOD, etc.)

If we don’t have a starting point to define initial boundaries, we probably will end up re-inventing. Also, if we start with just spelling out what the acronym stands for, the use will easily be able to put double-quotes around it and google themselves to oblivion. More ways to define our initial state would be welcome.


I am going to work on this with @Redeyesjm, and @JALxml. As we want to avoid spamming the Wishlist category, we will continue to work on this in a private message. If anyone else is interested in being involved, please send a private message to @Nyx1819 so I can involve you.

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In the interim since this Wishlist topic was started, Rombbbbb has produced a nice very glossary that’s now set up in the Guide Section.

The Glossary Guide to end all Guides is the FAA’s Pilot/Controller Glossary. It’s referenced extensively in the FAA’s top-tier handbook to flying The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM).

The only problem with the Pilot/Controller Glossary is that it’s available only in PDF format and a search in the PDF does not distinguish between the definition entry for a term, acronym, or abbreviation versus simply loose usages of the term in passing. One way that I found to selectively focus in on the FAA definition of many, but not all, acronyms or abbreviations is to put the acronym or abbreviation in parentheses when searching the FAA Pilot/Controller Glossary as the authors of that tome often put the acronym in parentheses after the full wording of the term when giving the definition, e.g., HEIGHT ABOVE AIRPORT (HAA).

BTW, I noticed that FSX (Deluxe Steam Version) has a Glossary (and apparently much more extensive learning materials in general built into the app). The FSX Glossary also has an alphabetical key for navigation as I previously suggested that stays on top of a continuously scrolling view. So perhaps unless there is some reason not to, any serious Glossary effort for MSFS 2020 , if it ever materializes from anyone, could just begin by “borrowing” the FSX Glossary, although the FSX Glossary definitions are a lot more detailed than imagined in the discussions in this and related threads. The FSX Glossary just doesn’t define acronyms or abbreviations but defines in aviation terms a lot of plain word combinations as well as referencing famous people in aviation for their accomplishments. Screen capture from 1st page of FSX Glossary:

Since FSX is a side-lined Microsoft product could the FSX Glossary, with all due required permissions, just be posted as another Glossary Guide in the Guides section for new pilots on the forum? It might serve as an ad to buy the Steam edition of FSX.