Suggested trip in south Italy - LICE to LICR

Start at LICE with a single prop aircraft and do the following airfields:

  • LICE to LIPJ
  • LIPJ to LIYS
  • LIYS to LIPP
  • LIPP to LICR

You will fly near one the highest active volcano in Europe: Etna and cross the sea between the Sicily and the Calabria. The scenery is overall really nice and personally I enjoyed the trip even if it’s not overall complex to do.

You may also use my flight plan here: LICE-LICR.PLN (2.8 KB)


Sounds like a very fun adventure!

I just did Milan to Catania and landed at night.

Long story short, I crashed into Mount Etna

Ooo sad story, you was nearly there! I hope your next flight will be less… crashy :wink:

Awesome, I want to try this.

I lived near Brindisi and have only flown a couple of times around Brindisi, Bari and Naples. Great memories of vacationing in Taormina and wanted to try flying around Mount Etna.


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Awesome, flying it right now!!


Happy you like it @daddoid1177, and yes it’s indeed a nice flight :wink:

It was a great flight, 45 mins in the 172. ATC made me land on RWY29 though. Bit tricky, had to go around, but fun nonetheless.

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Great flight! Thank you.

This looks fun; I’ll try it later, thank you! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

(we can put continent tags, now, to help people find pix or flights a little better)

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Thanks @anon67824105, didn’t thought about adding a continent tag, but now I did.

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Thanks! I like to fly around in Italy, I’ll try this route tonight.

Thanks! That was a nice flight. I’m playing without POIs so I had to do a few flyovers to be able to locate * LIPJ and LIYS. Fun Fun Fun!