Suggested trip in Switzerland - LSGE to LSZW routing via LSGT,LSGB,LSGK

Pick up a GA plane (Cesna 172 is a good choice here) and do the following airfields

  • Start at Ecuvillens (LSGE) land at Gruyere (LSGT)
  • Gruyere (LSGT) to Bex (LSGB)
  • Bex (LSGB) to Saanen (LSGK)
  • Saanen (LSGK) to Thun (LSZW)

Total trip (without counting the landing and starts) counts around 45 minutes:
Sky vector map

Max altitude for the whole 6500 ft

For those willing to have the circuits for the different airfields:

Hints: starting from Bex to Saanen you will have to circle around Aigle to increase your altitude to pass the Mosse.


Great trip;
after Bex LSGB you should absolutely go to LSVE, it’s a “special” airport, I’ll let you discover it.
It’s available in the game but not in Skyvector

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Bookmarked. I love posts like this.

I know we have flightloc and simtours, but they tend to focus on points of interest. I would love to see more trip suggestion posts, like this one!

Thanks for the feedbacks. Will try to do more trips in near future. BTW this trip I really did it with a Piper Warrior yesterday :wink:

@ACEagle6994: For LSVE => as far as I can tell it’s just an helipad.

Nope, you can see it here in real life


Croix de Coeur is LSYQ and is not an “official” airfield as it’s an altiport which requires a special right for landing. Anyhow thanks for sharing this airfield (which is not even in the official Swiss VFR maps) !

That’s the most accurate info I found on LSYQ:

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It’s registered as LSVE in the game somehow.

Just to give a bit of a taste of what the route could show for you:

Have fun :wink:


What a beautiful flight. just attempted it and flew low level through the valleys… a bit too low at some points though so the flight ended a bit early :roll_eyes:

Happy you liked it, and yes too low and the flight will end soon :wink:
As rule of thumb, the flight in such areas is done like that:

  • You should fly on the right of the valley
  • You should set yourself some “key positions” which you can see it’s open enough such that you can do a 180° turn, if at the key position you see you cannot reach further good key position, then you turn back, take some altitude and try again
  • Crests should be traversed at 45° of the crest such that you can easily turn back if you see that for example there is bad visibility on the other side, or that your altitude is not good enough.
  • Keep in mind that in real life you may have cables which are hardly visibles.
  • In real life, there is also zones where you could find others flying with parachutes, or others, which may not have a flarm.

Just did the flight in the Pipistrel Virus, thanks for posting.


Before landing at LSZW, I flew to LSGR then south-east to see the mountains out there.

I usually flew at the heigth of the summits beside me to enjoy the 3D effect.

Just to add into the sightseeing of this route, I’d also recommend adding in the coordinates of Zermatt to visit the Matterhorn.
45.980783, 7.651627

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This looks like a fun flight! :slight_smile:

We can add continent tags to posts now, too, to make it easier for people to search for places to fly. :small_airplane:

LSVE is super!
Now try this: take the piper cup to LSVE. Begin at the runway, hold the brakes. Switch off the engine!
Now start rolling, at the end of the cliff, start flying. See how far you can make it down into the valley.
Lots of fun in multiplayer.

Very fun; I tried once with the Savage and one with the Shock, trying to reach Sion with no success; ended up in fields near the airport.

Excellent, my LSGE is 15min from my actual home :wink:

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Well I landed a couple of time in real life in LSGE, next time I could pick you on board (if you don’t have a PPL) or do a small real life trip with 2 planes :wink:

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It was a good trip. Thanks for sharing.