Suggestion: Default Aircraft Enhancement Project

Hi all,

Firstly, despite the challenging kick-off I would like to congratulate Asobo for bringing the next generation of flight simulation to fruition. I have no doubt that any issues will be resolved in good time and those who are well-accustomed to consumer flight simulation know that these platforms grow to maturity with time.

There is a very good chance that this has already been suggested - but I would like to share my vision of a community driven, centralised project which aims to enhance the fidelity of the default aircraft to the maximum extent possible. There is no doubt that Asobo have done a great job with the 3D modelling and in doing so have perhaps provided an excellent platform upon which people more clever than myself will be able to model systems and provide flight behaviour enhancements. I have recently discovered the A320NX project - which is extremely exciting. The talents of the team(s) behind such projects cannot be understated. How I wish I could help but my ‘programming’ experience amounts only to a few batch files.

TLDR: I suggest a ‘ZIBO mod’ for every default aircraft collated in to one community-driven package.


Awesome idea, but would require a lot of people who understand both the aircraft, and how to program them…

Fingers crossed some of the improvements in the A320NX project will cross-pollinate to other aircraft.

Even if you don’t have programming knowledge, you can contribute to open development projects like this by testing the changes and reporting any bugs that you find to their github page:

Just downloaded and ran with the development file for the A320. All I can say is brilliant. If this is what can be achieved in a week I am certainly looking forward to experiencing this mod in a year!


Yes, great idea. There are a lot of talented programmers out there and it should be much easier to enhance default aircraft than design new ones. Even small enhancements to the less complex GA aircraft would be a great start. If I was a decent programmer and had a good knowledge of aircraft I would even have a go myself.

As far as I know, the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe aircraft are protected so that they can not be edited. This is to prevent them being infused into a standard version this way.
Regarding some of the other GA planes, in some cases relatively limited (in terms of scope not work involved) adjustments would already go a long way: for example, even if the only change made to the C152 was to add a DME, that alone would make this plane so much more versatile.

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