Suggestion for something like Air manager

Hi anyone know of a solution to have my key instruments on a second monitor or an iPad yet?
Im running a 43inch ultra wide and it would me awesome to have the instruments on a second screen or iPad.
Ive searched the forums but couldn’t seem to find any info on it. Sorry if I’m raising this topic again.

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The beta 4 of Air manager is supposed to work. There are some extra steps to do it, I have not tried yet. Once I get something working with 3 monitors I will test it and report back.

hi Thanks for the reply. ok let me investigate that.
I have a spare monitor that i thought of using.

it works with AirManager (not AirPlayer yet) v4.0BETA and PluginTools v3.3BETA.

PluginTools v3.3BETA uses SimConnect to get data from the sim as opposed to a DLL as FSX/P3D were so it is currently subject to the limitations of SimConnect, i.e. TERRIBLE FPS when the FS2020 Bridge service is running.

AirManager and FS2020…struggled for hours getting this to work. then found the missing pieces.

Step1: download air manager 4.0 beta from here…

Step2. install and activate it.
Activation isn’t yours, but is BETA/BETA

Step 3.
Download and install beta plugin…

Step 4.
program any gauges you need to work in am4.0 by cloning them, then edit your clones so the variable functions fsx_variable_subscribe should be duplicated then change “fsx” in fsx_variable_subscribe( to fs2020_variable subscribe(
any variables that access LVARS wont work and any global vars that don’t work will need to reference the not-yet-released sdk to replace. i have found none yet that don’t work. Altimeter kollsman setting was “KOLLSMAN SETTING HG”,“inHg” but returned 0 every time. So i used “KOLLSMAN SETTING HG”,“NUMBER” and got the millibars*100…so the Baron Altimeter had to swap the pressureHg and pressureMb logic for it to work, but it works…

Step 5.
build a panel with your custom cloned repaired gauges looking for the chest/head silhouette icon

what was confusing was couldn’t find a link anywhere (should be linked on beta manager download page at least) but after searching “BETA” on the wiki, found the missing piece.

example of Beechcraft B58 Altimeter rewritten for FS2020

txt_inhg = txt_add(“00.00”, “size:32px; color: sienna; halign: center;”, 271, 322, 120, 40)
txt_hpa = txt_add(“0000”, “size:32px; color: sienna; halign: center;”, 122, 322, 120, 40)
txt_altk = txt_add(“0000”, “size:48px; color: white; halign: right;”, 118, 153, 200, 55)

img_small_k_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_thin_needle.png”)
img_small_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_small_needle.png”)
img_big_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_big_needle.png”)

function dial_callback(baroset)
if baroset == 1 then
elseif baroset == -1 then

function PT_altimeter(altitude, pressure)
k = (altitude/10000)*36
h = ( (altitude - math.floor(altitude/10000)*10000)/1000 )*36
t = ( altitude - math.floor(altitude/10000)*10000 )*0.36

rotate(img_small_k_needle, k)
rotate(img_small_needle, h)
rotate(img_big_needle, t)

kk = k/3.6
hh = h/36
tt = t/0.36-hh*1000

txt_set(txt_altk, string.format(“%05.0f”, altitude) )
txt_set(txt_inhg, string.format(“%05.02f”, pressure) )
txt_set(txt_hpa, string.format(“%.0f”, pressure* 33.8639) )

function PT_altimeter_FS2020(altitude, pressure)
PT_altimeter(altitude, pressure / 33.8639 / 100)

xpl_dataref_subscribe(“sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/altitude_ft_pilot”, “FLOAT”,
“sim/cockpit/misc/barometer_setting”, “FLOAT”, PT_altimeter)
fsx_variable_subscribe(“INDICATED ALTITUDE”, “Feet”,
“KOHLSMAN SETTING HG”, “inHg”, PT_altimeter)
fs2020_variable_subscribe(“INDICATED ALTITUDE”, “Feet”,
“KOHLSMAN SETTING HG”, “number”, PT_altimeter_FS2020)

baro_dial = dial_add(“dial_alt.png”,10,398,104,104,dial_callback)


thanks so much for the detailed reply, much appreciated

Is there any FPS drop or stuttering with SimConnect and AirManager? I know others were reporting this with other third party apps.

Hi Yeah so there is an update which doesnt need you to as FS2020 in the instrument script. the bridge service connects, but unfortunately the frame rate is to bad to play.
Running an Ryzen 7 with a GTX2080S

tried with the suggested other plugin but it wasnt working

yes, fs2020 bridge service for airmanager uses simconnect still and causes 16-20fps

so I heard the patch coming in around 7 days will address the SimConnect issues. I was waiting for that t try it myself but I’m new to Air Manager so please let us know if you guys also see that fixed with the upcoming patch :slight_smile:

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Ahh good news.