Why do airline pilot avatars keep their sunglasses on when flying in cloudy and bad weather or at night? There must be an easy solution linking this behaviour to time of the day & type of weather…

They wear them because they’re just super cool cats. The cool crowd never remove their sunglasses regardless of conditions or time of day. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re just big Corey Hart fans! :wink:


Txs 4 this great :bulb:: with regard to the long loading time of the game with the sleepy dentist waiting room melody (also recalled as accoustical wall paper) why not change the tune regulary or show song clips, scary landings, aerobatics or aviation news? :zzz::zzz::zzz:

Followed by a Press any key to continue …sorry, I just had to :slight_smile:

Nothing more to be said.


Because they have demonic eyes underneath those sunglasses… You don’t want passengers to freak out if they see the pilot’s eyes like this:


I thought it was to hide the bloodshot eyes caused from too much alcohol.

The only way they could look more soul-less is if they were redheads. lol

Apologies to any gingers here. I just couldn’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or episodes from Air Crash Invesigation…

Or a black turtleneck with the sleeves pulled halfway up… :open_mouth:

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[Serious mode on] Well, there are actually 3 reasons:

  1. as mentioned above, to look just super cool
  2. to see more contrast in the clouds. Just try it yourself when its a bit overcast. The overall brightness goes down, but in return you get more contrast. Also handy to spot other airplanes.
  3. you wont get blinded as you move above the clouds or get out of them.

Clouds do not actually reduce the glare from the sun unless they are thick enough to appear dark. The sunlight is simply scattered by the water droplets. This results in an extremely bright white wall in front of your eyes where the glare seems to come from everywhere. Try sitting in a brightly lit room staring at a pure white wall or sheet of paper. You will quickly understand the sunglasses.

True, especially those friendly cumulus clouds on a nice summer day. If you stare atthem for a couple of minutes or even seconds when close by, its really hurts your eyes.

Forgot to mention, the most obvious one in my previous post…

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