Sunset Flight from Malta to Naples in the Vertigo

I did follow standard speed limits, even a very tame 190 knots climb speed, but it was really pleasant. The power setting range of 6-24 TRQ is where you’ll live to keep everything under 250 KIAS.

I was particularly pleased I managed to find the right power ranges to properly descend starting from the Transition on to the FAF and hit each fix’s altitude correctly, while maintaining speed restrictions (<200, <180) and keep a deck angle that wouldn’t make the pax violently ill. :grinning:

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Thanks for the pics. Beautiful.

I love that plane. It’s one of the most fun. But when I get in it, it’s to go fast. Holding back on the power as you have done would be torture to me. :grin:

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Yep, I still indulge in “max performance departures” at Class C airports.

“7AH, contact Departure at…” and I haven’t even crossed runway end and I’m at 5000’ :laughing:

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