Super Constellation is super indeed?

It is time for multi radial airliner. There is constellation and dc-6. First is much cheaper, the second one is considered a top notch. Interestingly connie is very low rated in marketplace instead being updated quite often. Technically Connie is much more interesting for me (engines, fusalge). I would go first with connie but Ive heard obout some gps issues or something like that … Any advice for xbox user?

best to ask here,and yes gps need a update,it use the freeware,wat you can not use on xbox

and i like it more then the dc6 :wink:


Thx, seems like gps is still missing in xbx version… :thinking:

I like the real-life Constellation more than the DC-6, it’s a more interesting plane to me, with a more interesting operational history.

The DC-6 is just a MUCH better addon, like it’s not even close. Both are complex, and both have helpful auto flight engineers, but the DC-6’s systems are more in depth, and more accurate to the real thing (not that I have any way to verify that). A much better investment.

The Constellation’s exterior model needs improvements, and exterior textures are the bare minimum I can accept in MSFS. They really need work. Side note, the textures in the current version are leagues better than what it had in previous versions. The textures it released with were atrocious, unacceptable. The engines behave strangely as well, and they always have. It doesn’t seem to be getting regular updates anymore either.

The DC-6 isn’t getting updates either, but that’s because it frankly hasn’t ever needed significant updates (on PC, anyway).

Vintage planes are right up my alley, and I fly the DC-6 much more than the Connie. It’s just better.