Super quick takeoffs

So I was getting ready to fly yesterday, started my roll down the runway (in the caravan) and my phone began to ring, I hit active pause I was about 25’ down the runway and my speed was around 20 knts. When I got off the phone and released active pause, my caravan leapt off the runway still at 25’ down the runway and was already past v1 speeds…Bug or feature?

Feature. Active pause only freezes the position. Use the real pause function, or to get MSFS into idle, esc > load/save > load.

Active pause just does that. If you want a freeze, Esc works a little better, but not perfect. For a real simulation pause, try General Settings/Developer mode On, then menu Tools / Pause Simulator.

I use Active pause a lot, I have key P assigned to it. Before hitting P, I always assure I’m in horizontal flight with sufficient throttle to maintain altitude. When I am not sure, I put external camera, check rudder, elevator, aeleron position… and inspect the instruments: check airspeed and vertical speed before resuming from pause. Airspeed can go to zero in some cases, chance is you’ll drop your Cessna 400Ft when resuming… when you give it some throttle before ending the pause, the airspeed will go up during the pause ! Then resume, you’ll be safe.

Yeah Ive used it that way before, and dropped from the sky like a rock when I came back. I just never expected the instant take off to work lol…

Now you know how Santa does it off our rooftops with just Reindeer to pull him :wink:

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This may help:

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