Super sampling, upscaling, etc?

Hi all,
Been flying with an O+ since VR became available in MSFS. There’s been a lot of changes since then that I haven’t kept up with. So, I have questions.
My machine is a 5800x3D, 6900xtht, 64Gb 3600 ram running 1:1, and a 1Tb dedicated NVMe Optane HD. Driving a Samsung O+. The machine has a stable OC and the whole thing is under water so no heat issues.
I hate reprojection. Makes the view “watery” to me. At this point in time what would my best settings for clarity and FPS with the highest achievable graphics settings. Looking for something that I can plug into OpenXR and MSFS, then just fly.

Assuming the O+ is 90hz, your best bet is to tune settings so you can hit 45fps and cap it to that fps. This will give you the smoothest experience possible. More or less frames will be stuttery.

Heaviest hitters are resolution, Terrain and Object LOD, (don’t go over 100) Clouds (don’t use Ultra) , Ambient Occlusion. Turn shadows down as far as they go.

Generally look for a mix of high, medium and low settings that you can live with and can give you 45fps locked in most scenarios. Use OpenXR Toolkit to fine-tune resolution and other aspects.