Support for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse

Support for 3DConnexion Space Mouse for camera / drone control. It’ll make it possible to look around with left hand, while right hand can stay on the joystick.

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Have you investigated if ‘joytokey’ will work?

No, I have not. What lies behind the question Zoe?

sigh… because you can bind controls to become other controls. Thus if you want to use your puck to move a camera in 3d and the standard bindings don’t allow, then that application might help.

Try, or don’t try. It was a helpful suggestion. No need to be pissy.

No need to sigh … I was / am not pissy … just curious.

I know the app can bind other controls to input controls, but I can already do that inside the 3DConnexion config file so there’s no need to use an extra app for that, I can turn it into a mouse or a joystick. Also the free app Opentrack can be used, it recognizes the Space Mouse as input device. But any of these ways need tinkering and trying and testing and I bet 80% of users won’t be able to do it. If MSF would support 3DConnexion out of the box that would be very helpful to any Space Mouse owner.

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Excellent idea. Won’t hold out any hope for implementation though!

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Has anyone connected a spacemouse to the flight simulator to control the camera?

Spacemouse is recognized with 6 axis, but I can’t figure out how to control the cameras.

Any idea or solution?

Gruß Andreas


On steam there ist a tool ControlYourJoystick.

I am using the demo version. Works for me.


Hi Guys,
I found a solution, to control the drone camera by 3D Connexion Space Mouse Standard.
You have to edit/add a FlightSimulator.XML in the %appdata%\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg folder.

Unfortunately I cannot add XML as attachment so I’ve published the solution at
3D Connexion Space Mouse configuration » Microsoft Flight Simulator