Support for afterburners

I think the MSFS community is sorely missing support for many military and experimental aircraft, as well as and very notable the Concorde! Military jets are a large part of the aviation community irl and online, and I feel it’s necessary for both people who want to have fun AND god realism to add support for this, since military jets are a very real thing that exist abundantly in real life, and for a game that claims to be for both fun AND for simming, adding support for afterburners/military aircraft would exponentially improve on nearly all aspects of the game, as well as allow additions of other types of aircraft, like the previously mentioned Concorde or experimental aircraft. I think this is something anyone can get behind for one reason or another, and I think Asobo would be sorely mistaken to not add this feature to the game


Feel free to rewatch the recent Q&A hosted on the official Microsoft Flight Sim Twitch account - Jorg addressed afterburners being asked for and will be implemented in the future.


Addition of the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet since GOTY