Support for CH Yoke, CH rudders and Saitek X55 throttle?

I have the CH Yoke, CH Rudder pedals and the Saitek X55 throttle. None of these seem to be supported in FS2020. Bit weird I thought as these are pretty common devices.

MSFS2020 does actually ‘see’ these devices. They are in the Control panel and I can manually go through and assign commands to buttons/axis ok. But there is no picture of the device there and nothing seems to be setup by default.

When I do manually setup the axis and buttons, etc, they do not seem to work that well in the aircraft. For example, I can setup the throttle axis, then go into (say) the C152 and then try to change the throttle. It is wrong. If you move the throttle a bit - it goes to max and then back to min, it seems work work itself out ok. But if you do not move the throttle, the setting in the aircraft is wrong. Same with Mixture and Propeller axis. It seems like they needed to be ‘calibrated’ somehow.

The flight control axis do seem to work, but of course WAY too sensitive. Practically unplayable by default. While you can drive the sensitivity way down, it seems incorrect that you need to do so.

Anyway - first steps. Should FS2020 support these 3 devices natively?

I have both the CH Yoke & Rudder pedals and they work well for me. You are correct that they are not “natively” supported, if by that you mean they do not have default configurations and no fancy picture. But they work fine when configured correctly.

They are definitely way too sensitive out of the box. I think my flight control axes have in-game sensitivities set to around -50, which feels decent. Prior to update 5 they were set closer to -80 and felt perfect, but the update messed around with the sensitivity settings. It is now more configurable than before, but I can’t seem to find the same sweet spot that I had pre-update.

For the throttle axis issues you are having, make sure you are binding the entire controller axis, and not axis+ or axis-. If that isn’t the problem it sounds like either a sensitivity or calibration issue to me. I assume you are using the Saitek throttle for these, which I don’t have. In Win 10 do a search for “Set up USB game controllers” and you may be able to calibrate it from there, unless (like the CH products) it requires a custom calibration tool.

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thanks. Will check