Support for "Logitech Force Feedback Wingman Force 3D Flightstick"?


Hello developers,

Unfortunately, my flight stick, which is still in good condition, is not supported by the FS2020!
Please extend the FS2020 so that the “Logitech Force Feedback Wingman Force 3D Flightstick” can also be used.

thanks and best regards



I will be happy also. My Wingman is in very good condition.

Can you see it in Controls?

Yes, it appears in controls, but i have troubles to configure it.

Due to an error on my Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS I had to try configuring my trusty old WingMan Force 3D, and I think it’working OK for an old stick like this. A bit wobbly, but useable :slight_smile:

Here are my setings in case someone has one their own and are struggling with it.


What are the drivers for Win10?

Windows native drivers… Nothing extra installed

The stick works but the force feedback does not work. :frowning:

I lost my power supply years ago, so I must admit I haven’t tried with force feedback… :rofl::rofl:

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Correct, MSFS has not implemented Force Feedback.

Take my money and give me force feedback. I don’t want a VW Golf 8. I need to feel the touch.

Thx a bunch for saving my day :slight_smile: